First Look at the 'One Tree Hill' Season 6 Premiere
First Look at the 'One Tree Hill' Season 6 Premiere
It's a great time to be a fan of One Tree Hill.  The season 5 DVD set hit stores yesterday and is packed with tons of extras, our recent interview with creator Mark Schwahn uncovered all sorts of interesting tidbits, and, most importantly, season 6 of the series finally kicks off this Monday at 9pm.  While some fans spent their summers wondering who Lucas invited to Las Vegas, I've been busy sweating over whether Dan will survive being mowed over by a speeding car.  The love rectangle is interesting, but I can hardly fret over it while Dan's life hangs in the balance.

Unfortunately for me, the first clip from One Tree Hill's season premiere that's appeared online doesn't address Dan's fate.  It also doesn't reveal who Lucas proposes to, but it does offer a glimpse at some drama Brooke will be dealing with.  Here's a hint: Victoria is involved.

The clip starts with Millicent preparing to write what sounds like a resignation letter, but she's soon interrupted when a ranting Brooke (Sophia Bush) bursts into Clothes Over Bro's.  Brooke has just found out that her mother plans to steal the company from her, but it's obviously not going to happen without a fight.  After telling Millicent that they'll bond together to defeat Victoria, Brooke confronts a girl who's trying to shoplift a top.  The girl promptly calls Brooke a bitch and runs out of the store.  Check out the clip for yourself below:

When I recently interviewed Mark Schwahn he told me that Mouth and Millicent would continue to be an item this season, so I'm wondering why she's planning to resign as Brooke's assistant.  While that remains a mystery, it's certainly no surprise that Victoria will make a power play to gain control over Clothes Over Bro's.  Will she be successful?  We'll have to wait and see.

As for the shoplifter at the end, she could be the new character of Samantha that Schwahn revealed will be joining the show this year.  If that's the case, I'm not sure I'm going to be a huge fan of the character.  It was bad enough having Quentin around being a complete ass to everybody last year.  Do we really need another new character with the same attitude problems?

The clip may not have answered any of our burning questions, but it's still great to see a snippet of the One Tree Hill season premiere.  Tune in Monday at 9pm for the episode, and make sure to check BuddyTV for our recap afterwards.

- Don Williams, BuddyTV Staff Writer
Video Source: YouTube
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