Nathan Scott
Nathan Scott

James Lafferty as Nathan Scott

Nathan Royal Scott of The CW's One Tree Hill is portrayed by James Lafferty. The son of Dan Scott and Deborah Lee, Nathan has an older half-brother named Lucas, from Dan's former wife Karen Roe.

In the first season, Lucas was recruited into the school basketball team, and Nathan, the team captain, was not happy to see him, fearing that Lucas would steal the limelight from him. Moreover, he disliked the fact that his girlfriend, Peyton, was becoming attracted to Lucas. Eventually, Nathan and Peyton broke up, and Lucas started dating Peyton. However, the brothers did bond after they discovered a common dislike for their father, Dan.

Nathan again found love with Haley, Lucas' best friend. The two got together and even planned to get married in season 2, when they told Dan and Deb about their plans of marriage. However, Haley got a big break as a musician, forcing her to choose between Nathan and her career. Nathan's life went into a downward spiral after he attempted to get back with Haley, to no avail. During a visit to a racing track, Nathan attempted to commit suicide, deliberately crashing the car. However, he survived the crash and came to his senses, realizing that he needed a change. In season 3, Nathan and Haley got back together, and got married for the second time. However, they met a car accident at the Mollino Bridge, where Nathan attempted to save his uncle.

Season 4 featured Nathan waking up in the hospital, where he was told that he was a hero for saving Nathan’s uncle, Cooper and Tree Hill High newcomer, Rachel during the accident. Rachel then developed a crush on Nathan and tried to seduce him. However, Haley confessed to Nathan that she was accepted into Duke University, and that she was pregnant with his baby. Nathan was very happy and told Rachel the truth that she never had a chance with him.

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