Become a Fan Columnist: Your Chance to Write about 'One Tree Hill'
Become a Fan Columnist: Your Chance to Write about 'One Tree Hill'
One Tree Hill returns tonight with its season 8 premiere. The last we saw, things were really heating up in Tree Hill. Haley's spirits were high as she told Nathan she's pregnant, Julian proposed to Brooke and Clay and Quinn were just shot by psycho Katie in the season's cliffhanger. 

It's going to be a big year for the gang on One Tree Hill which is why we need your help keeping up. 

BuddyTV is looking for a Fan Columnist. A One Tree Hill Fan Columnist will write weekly recaps that will highlight all the important drama while keeping it fun and conversational. We're looking for a true fan that can hone in on key moments and have a little bit of fun with it. 

Want to give it a try? Write a recap of tonight's premiere, "Asleep at Heaven's Gate"  and follow the directions below to apply.

To submit:

Something to consider before contributing:

  • This is a non-paid position. However, there is an exclusive award system of tokens and badges for Fan Columnists. Plus, you'll have a byline on one of the fastest growing TV sites on the Web and an article for your clips file. And did we mention you get to watch TV?
  •  All content on is subject to change. Any content submitted may be corrected, changed, or rewritten in any way by BuddyTV staff after being submitted.
  • Submissions go through a review and editing process and may or may not appear on the site.
  • All submissions will be considered and no individual or group will be shown favoritism.
  • All content must be original and never before published. Credit must be given and sourced properly (Name and link directing back to the article). Plagiarism is stealing and brings bad karma, so we like to abide by copyright laws
  • Click here for a Style Guide for submissions

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