'One Life to Live' High Five: July 21, 2011
'One Life to Live' High Five: July 21, 2011
Here's your BuddyTV High Five: The five big moments and questions from today's episode of One Life to Live.

Kelly and Joey appear to be back together after spending a night together. Rex finally resurfaces to confront John about putting his mother in jail.

High Five Highlights:

5. Natalie and Jessica are Squabbling Again: The wounds between Jessica and Natalie seem to be as fresh as ever. Now they're opened up by the fact Jessica is demanding that Natalie stop living in her house. Brody sees this as an opportunity to invite Natalie to move in with him so he can be closer to "his" son.

4. McBain Cracks the Code: John does the first real bit of investigative work he's pulled off in weeks by revealing to Rex that he knows for what Origami Cogs is an anagram. He seems to also realize that Rex is looking o retaliate against the Mannings. He figures all this out but he can't seem to look under his nose for Vimal's note telling him about Liam.

3. Alright John, You Don't Deserve to be a Father: Long story short here, Brody finds the letter Vimal wrote to John about Liam. It's insane that over a handful of people have known this news for months now but they still haven't gotten it back to John, who is supposed to be a police detective!! Brody can certainly just get rid of that now and John will have to find a new way to ignore clues in front of his face.

2. Brody Goes Looking For Vimal: Brody instantly deduced that Vimal was the one who wrote the letter for John and he goes looking for him. John sits back down at his desk and realizes the letter is missing, which when coupled with the tape recorder fiasco has to have him wondering if he has a mole on the force tampering with evidence.

1. John Knows It's Brody: John asks Natalie about the note but she didn't take it. He concludes it had to be Brody then, because we all know only two people have the exclusive access to walk into McBain's office... Anyway, Brody continues to try to intimidate Vimal about telling John what he knows.


- What does Brody plan to do to Vimal?

- Is Rex going to be able to hide the origins of Origami Cogs?

Casey Casteel
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