'One Life to Live' High Five: July 15, 2011
'One Life to Live' High Five: July 15, 2011
Here's your BuddyTV High Five: The five big moments and questions from today's episode of One Life to Live.

Today seemingly appears to be the day when the two Todd Mannings will finally meet face-to-face. David enlists some help to find out who is behind the blackmail scheme against him.

High Five Highlights:

5. Scarred Todd Gets Another Face: Scarred Todd finally gets a chance to look into the eyes of the man he's been hunting for months. However, he is hiding his identity behind a Spider-Man mask he stole off of the entertainer hired for Sam's birthday party.

4. Dorian and David Align Their Troops: The ongoing saga between Dorian and David about possible infidelity continues, but the two of them are no longer interested in waging war alone. David gets the help of Viki to try to figure things out, while Dorian gets some unexpected help from Echo.

3. Oh, That's Right: Dorian inexplicably has a realization that because she's a photographer then she must be responsible for taking the pictures of David. Viki seems to come to the same conclusion, but it remains to be seen what any of them plan to do to each other.

2. Sam is Left With His Hero: The incredibly lame birthday party for Sam mercifully comes to an end. They all leave and hope the strange guy dressed up as a superhero will take care of their kid while they're all out of the room. Given what we saw Scarred Todd planning yesterday, it doesn't look good for Sam.

1. Spidey Takes Sam: It turns out leaving Sam with a guy in a costume wasn't the best idea in the world. They all bring in Sam's birthday cake to discover that no one is left behind. Scarred Todd doesn't seem too threatening when he gets Sam back to his hotel room so he may just use him as bait.


- What will happen to Sam?

- Did ABC mislead viewers by showing clips hinting that a showdown between the Mannings would happen this week?

Casey Casteel
Contributing Writer

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