One Life To Live: August 31 Live Thoughts
One Life To Live: August 31 Live Thoughts
On yesterday's episode of One Life To Live, Nash is upset to find out Jared bought Antonio's shares of the vineyard.  Jared, once again, tries to weasel his way into Buchanan Enterprises through Natalie.  Marcie tries to get Lindsay to proclaim her innocence in Spencer's murder but she does not.  Miles finally convinces Blair that Todd's son is Tommy, living with Michael and Marcie.  John hears from Natalie that Todd is about to find out the truth.

Jessica returns home from London early to surprise Nash but he isn't home when she gets there.  He's out arguing with Jared about control of the vineyard.  Rex and Adriana go to visit Michael and Marcie but they're not there.  Rex worries that John decided to turn his brother in.  Natalie tells John that Blair is letting Todd know the truth right now.  Just as Blair is about to, Marcie barges in with Tommy and says she needs Todd's help.

Marcie wants Todd to write a cover story about how John is going after Lindsay without good reason.  Michael wants to celebrate, feeling that he is in the clear but Rex and Adriana are skeptical.  Natalie can't figure out why John is upset that Todd is about to find his son. 

Nash tries to buy Antonio's shares from Jared.  Marty finds out that she'll be released from jail and Cole does the honor of unlocking her cell.  Pretty sure you can't do that in real life but for the sake of television, it was a nice moment when they finally got to hug.  Marcie hands Tommy over to Blair so she can talk to Todd about burying John.

Michael is adamant that the truth about Tommy will never see the light of day.  Rex and Adriana worry Lindsay will talk but Michael says she won't admit her motive for killing Spencer to the police.  Marcie stresses over the story in the paper and if she's doing a good job with Tommy to Blair.  She worries someone will take Tommy from her and talks about how she is unable to have more children, leaving Blair in a precarious position.

Jared refuses to sell his shares to Nash and guarantees they'll both make tons of money.  Nora runs into Sara working at Capricorn and they talk about Asa's passing for a few.  Sara asks if Asa ever talked about her.  Marty and Cole go to thank John after she's been freed from prison.  John tries to get Blair on the phone but only gets her voice mail.  After Marcie leaves, Blair tries once again to talk to Todd.

Natalie tries to convince Marty that Miles is sorry for what he did to her.  Marcie gets home with Tommy just as Michael, Rex, and Adriana were planning to find out what Lindsay knows.  The three are shocked to see the headline that Marcie helped create.  Blair tries again to tell Todd the truth but this time John shows up.  Jeez, everyone has terrible timing today, don't they?

Nash finally returns home to find his surprise, Jessica, waiting home for him.  Cole and Marty leave a note for John, inviting him to a celebratory dinner.  Blair finally gathers her courage, in front of John, to tell Todd the truth about Tommy.  Yikes!

Next week on One Life To Live, Nash lets Jessica know he lost the vineyard.  Marcie wants the truth from Michael.  Todd freaks out at the news that his son is alive and is determined to get him back.

- Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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