Why Zelena's Happiness Is Refreshing on 'Once Upon a Time'
Why Zelena's Happiness Is Refreshing on 'Once Upon a Time'
Christine Petralia
Christine Petralia
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
Once Upon a Time's final season has been pretty dark. However, in "Chosen," Zelena struggles with actually being good. In the end, she makes the right decision and realizes that it is possible to get her happy ending, even with her dark past. This is refreshing to see on Once Upon a Time. Her storyline and a few others are quite possibly making Once Upon a Time's seventh season reboot redeemable.

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Wicked No More

The theme throughout the entire series of Once Upon a Time has always been good vs. evil. When Zelena was introduced as the Wicked Witch, there was a new sort of evil in town. However, over the years, she has tried to redeem herself. Most of the time she's failed. Somewhere along the way though, Zelena saw what her sister had come back from and realized that she, too, can be good. When the curse is cast in season 7, Zelena has her memory wiped and lives a charmed life as Kelly in San Francisco with a fiance who loves her. When Regina wakes her up, she agrees to help her nephew, but she has been struggling from wanting Kelly's life back.

This struggle comes to a head in "Chosen," after she finds out that the candy killer has targeted her. She realizes that no matter how much she runs and hides, her wicked past will catch up with her. And in her short time with Hansel, our candy killer, in Oz, she actually did try to do the right thing, but it backfired and she hurt him and his family instead. So when Hansel comes to kill her, and threatens Kelly's fiance Chad, Zelena is forced to choose between bringing out her old wicked self or turning over a new leaf and really leading a good life. She chooses the latter, and it is refreshing to see.

Bad Characters Doing Good

It's always refreshing to see these horrible evil characters change for the better. We've grown to love Zelena, Regina and, of course, Rumple. When Zelena goes to see Rumple for help, he offers her the best piece of advice. He tells her that the piece inside of them that's still a little bit evil is the piece that reminds them how far they've come. I almost shed a tear because all of the evil and dark characters have done such horrible things, but some of them are trying so hard to make things right and put their past behind them and lead good lives.

Just in season 7 alone, among all the darkness and killers, there seems to be an underlying theme of redemption. Zelena goes back to San Francisco to marry Chad. Ivy saves her sister and leaves Hyperion Heights for another realm to be with her sister. Even Victoria, in the end, did good by sacrificing her own life to save Ivy's.

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Redemption Is Key

And that's really what the rest of the season should focus on: redemption. Giving these characters the happy endings they deserve. This is what Rumple is looking for. This is why he needs the Guardian. He's trying to do right and be with Belle in the afterlife, but he wants to make sure his dark magic is in good hands, and not in the hands of Gothel or Dr. Facilier.

I think that seeing these bad characters, who want to change, actually change is a good course and a way to really make the storylines grab viewers before the series finale.

Do you think Once Upon a Time should focus the rest of the season on happy endings? Did you find Zelena's happy ending refreshing among a season that's been dark? Do you think that Zelena will actually stay good? Which character should get their happy ending next? Let us know in the comments below.

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