Who Is Awake on 'Once Upon a Time?'
Who Is Awake on 'Once Upon a Time?'
Christine Petralia
Christine Petralia
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In season 1 of Once Upon a Time, it seemed that Regina was the only one awake and aware of the curse on Storybrooke. In season 7, it turns out a lot more people are awake than we originally thought. So, who exactly is awake? And just why are they awake?

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The Evil Ones

Before we knew that Drizella is really the one who cast the curse to punish her mother, we thought Victoria was the one who cast it, and was only one who was awake. She seems to do everything in her power to make sure everyone stays asleep and under the spell, including making sure Tilly takes her blue pills so she doesn't remember.

Then, we were introduced to the mystery lady, now know as Goleth or Eloise. Goleth is locked away by Victoria, and very much awake, as she is supposed to help Victoria bring back her daughter Anastasia. She also gives Victoria advice on how to make sure that Lucy stops believing in the fairy tales, or rather the truth, so that the curse will remain forever.

Finally, we find out that Ivy is the one running the show and has been awake all along. She too is working with Goleth on waking up Anastasia, but she has an ulterior motive of stealing her magic to make her more powerful.

Woken Up

Ivy wakes Roni/Regina up to make sure that Henry and Jacinda don't share true love's kiss. But basically it's to torture her, because as part of the curse, if it's broken Roni's loved ones will suffer. So Roni is left without magic in Hyperion Heights with no one to work with to defeat Ivy, Victoria and Goleth. Regina is essentially trapped in Roni's body with a wealth of knowledge that she can't use to save her loved ones.

Most Likely Awake

After he is shot by Tilly, Weaver meets with Victoria and says "hello deary," a classic line of Rumple's. But when Regina/Roni meets with him to try and join forces to defeat Ivy, Weaver plays dumb and acts like he doesn't know what Roni is talking about. She mentions Henry, his grandson, to which Weaver replies that he's never been married. As a last resort, Roni mentions Belle, but Weaver says he doesn't know a Belle, before he walks out.

Roni mentions that Weaver is keeping cover because of the guardian. I have to believe that Weaver/Rumple is awake and keeping his cover as Roni suggests. He was adamant that Rogers stop trying to find Eloise, and once Rogers does, Weaver warns him that he doesn't know what he's done, as he knows the power that Goleth holds. I imagine that he knows much more than Regina does at this point about Ivy, Goleth, the curse and more, which is why he's keeping his head down and "working" for Victoria while keeping his own agenda.

Tilly would be awake if she weren't taking the pills Victoria forces her to take. Tilly thinks she takes the pills to stay stable, but the reality is without the pills Tilly remembers everything. In fact, while off the pills, she tries to get Weaver to remember, which he eventually does. She also keeps a trailer full of keepsakes from her real world, but she has no idea what those things are while under the influence of the pills.

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Why Are They Awake?

We know why Ivy woke up Roni. We know why Ivy is awake. I have to wonder though, Ivy makes reference several times to being trapped in Hyperion Heights and wanting to go home. Does this mean that something happened before she cast the curse? Does her mother have something to do with that?

Victoria, despite seeming weak in the last few episodes, seems to be more in control than we thought once we found out Ivy is very evil. She is calculating, and she seems to be one step ahead of Ivy. But in the end, Ivy is doing a good job of punishing Victoria and making her feel pain.

Why is Weaver awake? Has he been awake all along? And why is he hiding the fact that he's awake? Is Victoria holding something over him? He does work for her a lot. Maybe they are working together? Or is Ivy holding something over him, just like she is Roni?

Lucy seems to be the only one who is awake and wants everyone to remember, so they can defeat the evil ones. But does she know the consequences of what happens if Henry and her mother get together? I can't imagine she does, or else she wouldn't be trying to hard to make them remember. And why is Lucy awake? I imagine she's a pawn in Victoria's plans somehow.

Season 7 of Once Upon a Time has managed to put a new twist on an old idea, and in the process, has turned everything upside down and made things a lot more confusing. The season is coming together though, and revealing just the right amount of information to keep this Once Upon a Time fan coming back for more.

Do you think anyone else is awake and hiding? Do you think that Weaver is awake or still under the curse? If he's awake, why do you think he's pretending he's not? Who do you think has the upper hand? Let us know in the comments below.

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