Should Robin and the Evil Queen Be the Next 'Once Upon a Time' Power Couple?
Should Robin and the Evil Queen Be the Next 'Once Upon a Time' Power Couple?
Derek Stauffer
Derek Stauffer
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Regina convinced the wish land version of Robin Hood to join her Storybrooke but it has been far from the storybook reunion Regina hoped to find. In the second half of Once Upon a Time season 6, Regina has discovered she has almost nothing in common with the man who shares her second true love's face. Now Robin has not only rejected almost all help or affection from Regina, he has found his way into the company of the Evil Queen. Robin and the Evil Queen's turning their new partnership into something more would be a perversion of the true and honest love Regina and the original Robin shared, but that alone might make it worth it for Once Upon a Time to explore.

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The Upside Down (Tunnel of Love)

Though the new Robin has featured heavily in each episode of Once Upon a Time since the winter preimere, the show hasn't done much to explain why he has returned. The easy and most eloquent explanation seemed to be that Regina was going to redeem Robin in the same way that the original Robin redeemed her. Even if their relationship didn't turn romantic this would have been a nice way of Once Upon a Time bringing Regina's story full circle, especially with the heavy rumors of the show ending or rebooting soon. 

As clean as that would have been, it was also expected. Whatever can be said of Robin and the Evil Queen hooking up, it certainly isn't expected. More than just being surprising, there would be something really dramatic and emotional about Regina having to deal with the new Robin preferring her evil self over her reformed self. 

This is not even to mention that in their short scene together, it was clear that Sean Maguire and Lana Parilla have just as much chemistry together playing evil(er) versions of themselves as they do with the more heroic ones. This really does hold true for every scene with the new Robin. As strange as Robin and Maguire's return to Once Upon a Time has been, there is something magnetic about the way he plays a more ruthless character. 

Maguire is reveling in the twisted version of Robin Hood and it is hard not to get swept up in the performance. The new Robin is not at all likable but he is fun to watch in the way that many Once Upon a Time villains have been, especially the Evil Queen. Gideon is still an interesting villain as he becomes more and more Emma's dark double but the undeniable fun of Robin and the Evil Queen's campy performances joining together would be very special. 

The Straw that Broke the Queen's Back

The issue, though, is that outside of some enjoyable scenery-chewing moments, the only thing the Evil Queen and Robin working together is going to add is more pain for Regina. Conflict does come from pain and emotion but Once Upon a Time has put Regina through enough. There is nothing to really be gained by Once Upon a Time viewers watching Regina get hurt and betrayed again. It is especially cruel to the viewers as well who were excited for Sean Maguire's return and the possibility of Regina getting a happy ending. Regina getting hurt by the new Robin, even if she grows from the experience, is not just an awful way to treat her, it is repetitive and unnecessary.

Even more problematic is that this would require more Evil Queen. The Evil Queen didn't add much to the first half of season 6 but make Regina doubt herself and introduce the horrible David investigating his father's death plot. There was much more time spent worrying about Emma's death prophecy than there was about the Evil Queen as she did precisely nothing in the first half of the season. It was a relief when she was turned into a cobra by Gideon because it seemed like Once Upon a Time was dropping some dead weight. 

Robin and the Evil Queen teaming up and maybe locking lips could be fun in a very morbid and twisted type of way. But it is hard to see if the coupling has many long-term benefits for the show. Even if it is expected, Regina working to redeem Robin is a far more satisfying and enjoyable story. The end of "Ill-Boding Patterns" does suggest that Robin is starting down a new and darker path with the Evil Queen but it should just end, being a misdirection or at most a diversion. Robin and the Evil Queen might be a fun idea but that it is all it should be, an idea. 

But what do you think? Would you watch Robin and the Evil Queen team up and maybe fall in love? Where do you hope the story with the new Robin is going? Where do you think it is going? Do you want to see more of the Evil Queen or was half a season enough? 

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