'Once Upon a Time' Interview: Colin O'Donoghue on Hook's Journey in Neverland
'Once Upon a Time' Interview: Colin O'Donoghue on Hook's Journey in Neverland
Carla Day
Carla Day
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
When we were first introduced to Hook on Once Upon a Time, he was determined to get revenge and kill Rumple. He's now put his hate aside to help in the quest to find Henry even though it's taken back to a place he never wanted to see again - Neverland. 

BuddyTV recently went to Vancouver to visit the Once Upon a Time set and caught up with Colin O'Donghue to find out what's going on with Hook now that he's returned to Neverland. Check out what he had to say about this new Hook, his relationships with Peter Pan and Emma, and the quest to save Henry.

We've seen a softer side to Hook so far in season 3. Will that continue?

Yeah. What you see is a man who is sort of struggling with -- he's had 300 odd years of living with hatred and all that kind of stuff. Now, he's desperately trying to figure out if he wants to let go of that or not. It's an incredibly difficult thing to do when that's the only driving force that's you've had for so long.

So, you see a man who's having a massive internal struggle and I definitely think there's a side of him that desperately wants to do the right thing, you know, but within the confines of being Captain Hook and a pirate and being quite selfish. That's kinda where he's at at the minute.

You've had some funny lines this season. Is this a funnier season?

I did like that line in the first episode, "I quite fancy you from time to time when you're not yelling at me." I like that one. I somehow get away with these crazy lines with massive innuendo, so it's great. I don't have one particular favorite.

Definitely, so far, I'd say it's not going into comedy, but it's definitely wittier. Some of the stuff is wittier, which I think is great because it's clever the way they've been writing it. I think everyone is getting some great lines. Like Regina's "Filet the bitch."

What is Hook's relationship with Pan?

At some stage, you will get to see what's gone on in the past, 'cause remember he was in Neverland for 100s of years or whatever. Obviously, you get to see that the Pan in this is quite a nasty character, really. Traditionally, Hook, I guess, is the bad guy. But, their relationship is complicated. It's not as straightforward as Hook wants to kill Pan. He's tied to him in ways I can't actually say at the minute. It's interesting the way that they've done it.

What challenges will Hook and the group face in Neverland?

They come up against the Lost Boys. They obviously come up against Pan, you know. I guess sort of in reference to that, Rumplestiltskin at the end of the last season, says that he's more dangerous than anyone could expect. And, even Rumplestiltskin is scared of him and he's the dark one. So, there's a lot of stuff that goes on.

Then, there's the struggle that you have these good guys mixed in with this bad guys who are all trying to work together for the one aim to safe Henry. So, there's all the conflicts that will be going on there as well. I think it's really good. The episodes are really really strong. It should be a good season.

Does Emma admitting who she is affect her relationship with Hook?

You see Hook was willing to give up everything for Baelfire to sort of become a father figure. In the first episode, he gives Emma this sword that he's kept for 100s of years that was Baelfire's sword and says to her that he misses him as well.

So, she sees a side of him that's kind of different because she sees that he does care about Baelfire. Emma and Hook have always sort of been able to see an element of themselves in each other. You know what I mean, so it's interesting. Their relationship is sorta unusual, I'd say.

Once Upon a Time airs on Sundays at 8 pm ET on ABC.

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