'Once Upon a Time': Why Does Everyone Get a Happy Ending Except Regina?
 'Once Upon a Time': Why Does Everyone Get a Happy Ending Except Regina?
Gina Vaynshteyn
Gina Vaynshteyn
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
ABC's Once Upon a Time is a show about fairytales and reincarnated Disney characters. It's also an incredibly addicting action-drama-comedy series that chronicles the adventures of a royal family and the many villains who want them dead. Above all though, Once Upon a Time is a show that encompasses an overlaying theme: everyone can change. 

Almost every single character has gone through a major transformation. Emma goes from lost girl to confident savior, Rumplestiltskin goes from miserable and mean coward to kind-of-decent and brave guy. And of course we have Regina, who goes from evil queen to compassionate mom, friend, and girlfriend. I think her transformation was the most well-deserved, so why did season three end on such a terrible note for her?

For the record, I used to hate Regina Mills (Queen Regina). She was filled with rage, completely overpowered by her need to seek vengeance. She was jealous, manipulative, and power-starving. There wasn't much good in her that we saw, besides past memories of her as a teenager and the way she embodied motherhood. But all of that changed in season three. With Cora no longer holding her back and the realization that she needs to get along with Henry's family in order to have him in her life, Regina started to change. And I welcomed that with open arms, because there is nothing better than an awesome villain gone good. 

Regina slowly gained the trust of Emma, Snow, and Charming on their rescue mission in Neverland. She also provided much-needed comedic relief this season, which helped break the ice and make us feel more sympathetic for her/forget she did all those terrible things in the past (which worked).

Regina even procured the light magic within her! All along, she was capable of being good because it was inside her. Since Emma gave up her powers to save Hook, it was up to Regina to break the Wicked Witch's curse, and that she did. And she also took measures to make sure her half-sister wasn't killed by the blood-thirsty Rumple (although that plan didn't exactly work out); she takes Rumple's dagger and gives it to Belle, and she locks up Zelena instead of killing her. Regina won major, major light magic brownie points here. 

All of this leads up to the final few minutes of the OUAT, where we discover the peasant Emma and Hook bring back is actually Maid Marian, Robin Hood's wife. I know you Swanqueen Fans out there are all for Emma and Regina, but you have to admit Regina and Robin are pretty cute together. Are at least, they were. Although Once Upon a Time left us with a major cliffhanger, from what we can gather, that reunion did not look good for Regina. In fact, this betrayal triggered an anger reminiscent of the one Snow caused when she was a little girl. If you recall, Emma's mom (accidentally) had Regina's first love killed by her mother. Once again, the royal family screws up another romance for Regina. Arg.

It's certainly an interesting direction that the show writers are going in. Is Regina going to revert back to evil? Will Robin Hood go back to his wife (who must be seriously confused) even though it's been years since her death? However, I think it's just cruel that Regina has this happy ending taken from her, because if anyone deserves one, it's Regina. For everything she has internally (and physically) gone through, it's really sad to watch the once heartbroken queen have her heart broken again. 

I don't know about you, but I'm hoping Maid Marian finds her way back to the Enchanted Forest and lets Robin move on with his life (although I guess that's not fair for that couple either). It's a hard call to make. We'll have to wait until fall to find out what actually happens!

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