'Once Upon a Time' Videos: Get to Know Your Fairy Tales (Again)
'Once Upon a Time' Videos: Get to Know Your Fairy Tales (Again)
Once Upon a Time is treading on the familiar. We don't just mean the Top Model-inspired promotional photos, but also the fact that they're revamping fairy tales. It'll be interesting to see them pull it off though, and we have high hopes they will.

ABC has released a new batch of clips to let us familiarize ourselves with their characters. Or shall we say characters that have already existed in the fictional world for ages. There's their version of Snow White, the Evil Queen, Prince Charming and more.

First, we have Ginnifer Goodwin in the dual role of Sister Mary Margaret Blanchard and Snow White. In the fairy tale world, she had her happily ever after. Unfortunately, that isn't the case after the curse. She's thrust into the real world as a schoolteacher plagued with insecurities, and she might not even recover from them all.

But Prince Charming's supposed to swoop straight in and save her, right?

Speaking of Prince Charming, here's actor Josh Dallas discussing his role in Once Upon a Time. From horseback-riding to archery and swordplay, he's got everything he needs to find his fair maiden. 

However, the question is how he'll manage to do it when the Evil Queen is on his tail. Intense obstacles will hinder him from reuniting with his lady, but will he prevail in the end in the vein of most fairy tale endings?

Next up, let's catch a glimpse of the delightfully malevolent Evil Queen played by actress Lana Parilla. She also portrays her real world counterpart Regina, who is, of course, the town mayor. With this lady in control, is there anyone brave enough to stop her?

Well, there might be. At the center of the story is Jennifer Morrison's character, Emma Swan. Surrounded by all that mystery, she has no choice but to keep digging and discover the town's darkest secrets. She might even give the fairy tales the endings they deserve.

Don't forget to catch the premiere of Once Upon a Time on Sunday, October 23 on ABC.

(Image courtesy of ABC)