'Once Upon a Time' Season 2 Premiere Review: Evil Queen
'Once Upon a Time' Season 2 Premiere Review: Evil Queen
Carla Day
Carla Day
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Once Upon a Time dropped not one, but two new locations on us in the season 2 premiere, "Broken." The show is no longer restricted to Storybrooke and Fairy Tale Land flashbacks. The world is expanding.

New York City

Who was that mysterious man? I have only two guesses: Rumple's son, Baelfire, or Henry's father. Or, perhaps they are the same? That would be an amazing story if somehow Emma and Bael had crossed paths before. 

Just as big a question is: Who sent this mystery man the postcard from Storybrooke that said "Broken"? Now, that the Storybrooke residents remember their past, it would make sense that he would be beckoned now. The Blue Fairy knows what happened, maybe it was her.

Who do you think the mystery man is? And, who sent the postcard? Share your guesses in the comments!


The Evil Queen's curse was broken and the Storybrooke residents went after her. It was touching that Emma protected Regina despite their differences. Henry will always come first for Emma and she couldn't let anything happen to Regina because it would have hurt him. 

The long awaited reunion between Emma and her parents was not nearly the happy one that they all wanted. Emma was resentful that Snow and Charming chose to send her away instead of being cursed and with them. I'm not sure why she was so upset. She was familiar with Jefferson and his daughter, right? So, there was no guarantee they would have been together. 

Rumple's plans are still a bit of a mystery. Even though he promised Belle that he wouldn't kill Regina, he put into motion the situation that marked Regina for death by the Wraith. He may not have sucked out her soul himself, but he definitely would have been responsible for her death. Rumple recognizes that he is a monster; Belle agreed and said that's why she said that she must stay with him.

Rumple's plan backfired when Emma, Snow and Charming prevented the Wraith from taking her soul, but it didn't come without a price. Emma was dragged back to Fairy Tale Land with the Wraith and Snow couldn't stand being separated any longer followed her in the hat. Charming tried to join them, but he was too late.

It ended up a good thing that Charming was left behind, at least for now, because he can take care of Henry, who has rejected Regina. The bonding moment between Henry and his grandfather was touching. They will certainly stop at nothing to find Emma and Snow.

It's unclear who has access to magic in Storybrooke now, but Emma definitely has the ability to awaken the powers of those in town. Regina didn't have any power until she was touched by Emma. Will this leave Regina the only one with magic?

Present Day Fairy Tale Land

In the first season, we always say Fairy Tale Land in flashbacks, but in "Broken" the timeline was flipped around and we actually saw a flashforward. The Evil Queen's curse destroyed almost all of Fairy Tale Land, but a small corner remained.

It was in this saved area that Sleeping Beauty Aurora, Prince Phillip and Mulan spent the last 29 years. They were frozen in time for the 28 years that time was frozen in Storybrooke, but awakened when Emma arrived in the town. 

Who else survived in Fairy Tale Land? It was sad to see Prince Phillip die for Aurora and Mulan, but he was an honorable man and died that way as well. Now that Emma and Snow have arrived in Fairy Tale Land, will they find any allies? Mulan and Aurora seemed to blame the two for Phillip's death.

This new aspect of Once Upon a Time will be intriguing to see play out. Are you excited to see a present day Fairy Tale Land? Magic in Storybrooke? And, who is the mystery man? Lastly, any guesses as to who Dr. Whale was in Fairy Tale Land?

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