'Once Upon a Time' Season 2 Adds a 'Teen Wolf' Star and More Characters
'Once Upon a Time' Season 2 Adds a 'Teen Wolf' Star and More Characters
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
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They're in casting overdrive at Once Upon a Time this summer. In addition to two new regulars (Emilie de Raivin as Belle and Meghan Ory as Ruby/Red), the show looks to be full of new guest and recurring characters in season 2. Keep reading for information on three characters -- one of whom will be played by a familiar face from Teen Wolf.

From Wolf to Knight

According to a report from TVLine, Sinqua Walls will guest-star on Once Upon a Time season 2 as the legendary Sir Lancelot. Walls currently appears as Boyd, one of the new werewolves brought into Derek's pack, in Teen Wolf season 2.

This is, of course, not the Lancelot you're used to from the King Arthur stories. More or less. The character is described as a "sword for hire with nothing to lose" after authorities banished him from the Round Table.

As of right now, Sinqua Walls' role of Lancelot will be for only one episode.

Time to Know Jack

Jack is coming to Once Upon a Time season 2.

Is this the Jack of "Jack and the Beanstalk" fame? Or one of the countless other "Jacks" to appear in fairy tales and folklore? No clue. But whoever Jack is, E!Online reports that he will be damaged, charismatic and mysterious. When Jack appears on Once Upon a Time, he will be on the run from his past -- and possibly dangerous to those he meets.

Captain Hook Is Coming...

Peter Pan villain Captain Hook is set to make a major appearance on Once Upon a Time season 2. The details and the casting of this villain remain unknown, but there are a few more tidbits of information we can share. Another report from E!Online claims that Captain Hook will have a British accent (no clue whether or not this means Once Upon a Time has secretly cast the part) and will first appear in episode 4 of Once Upon a Time season 2. The character might recur in later episodes as well.

For Those of You Keeping Track

Of these three character announcements, only one technically comes from the land of fairy tales. Much like the Mad Hatter and Pinocchio before them, Sir Lancelot and Captain Hook are not actual fairytale characters.

Sir Lancelot is a regular character featured in legends about King Arthur. While possibly based on actual historical characters, the Arthurian legends have appeared in various literary forms for more than a millennium. Captain Hook, meanwhile, is a little more recent. This villain first appeared in the 1904 play (and later 1911 novel) Peter and Wendy by J.M. Barrie.

Once Upon a Time season 2 will air Sundays at 8pm this fall on ABC.

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