'Once Upon a Time' Review: I Don't Want To Be You
'Once Upon a Time' Review: I Don't Want To Be You
Carla Day
Carla Day
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
Nothing is simple on Once Upon a Time and the characters are never as black or white as they seem either. On "We are Both," Regina shows her true self, which surprisingly isn't as evil as she has appeared to be. Meanwhile, the residents of Storybrooke must decide whether to stay or leave regardless of the consequences.

Storybrooke Town Limits

The 7 Dwarves decide to test the Storybrooke town line to see if residents are able to leave now that the curse is over. Sneezy draws the short stick and ends up the guinea pig. He steps out of Storybrooke and his body shakes, gets all funky, and forgets his Fairy Tale Land past.

The residents can leave, but they would be sacrificing their memories of their pre-Storybrooke past. That's a huge sacrifice for them to make, but many consider it after Regina threatens them and takes Henry back.

Price Charming/David steps up as the town leader and gives an impassioned speech about how he is both Prince Charming and David. They need to embrace both of their beings.  He then promises to protect them from Regina. His speech and leadership sinks in and the town folks all turn around and return home.

All except for Rumple/Gold. He wants to forget his past. Will he step over the line? I doubt it, but it would make for a much more interesting path for Gold. What if Rumple ceased to exist?

Regina Remembers the Good in Herself

Wow. I never expected that we would see a Regina that wasn't bitter over Daniel's death, such that she wanted Snow's blood. The Regina we saw with Daniel was honest; she was a nice and caring person. Sure, she wanted to strangle young Snow, but it wasn't in her.

It was Rumple that created the Evil Queen. Regina turned into her mother, Cora, which is exactly who she didn't want to become. When everything went down, Rumple deserved what he got, since he was responsible for it all.

Regina regains magic from her mother's book in Storybrooke, uses it to terrify the town, and basically blackmails Henry into returning home with her. With that history repeats itself: Henry tries to escape and the tree captures him just like what happened to Regina so many years before.

Regina remembers who she was and what she wanted. Henry said, "I don't want to be you." I was surprised to see her give Henry up. Is Regina redeemable? Is it possible she could reclaim her innocence? That would be a Regina, I'd love to see! I don't expect it will last though -- if it's too good to be true and all.

Present Day Fairy Tale Land

We don't get to see much of this land, but what we do see isn't pretty. Emma and Snow are being treated like prisoners by Mulan and are put in a lock-up. Snow is left injured and unconscious.

The big twist is that Cora is still alive and in the same cell as Emma and Snow. Will Cora help them? What will Regina think when she finds out her mother is still alive? It's not going to be pretty!

Odds and Ends

  • Pinocchio is wooden. His predicament was not altered by the curse being lifted, nor magic returning to Storybrooke.
  • Pinocchio's father found his hat and is searching for him.
  • David found Jefferson and wants to work with him to find a way into Fairy Tale Land
  • Mr. Gold's "pleases" no longer work on Regina.
  • Nothing new on the mystery man from the premiere.
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