'Once Upon a Time' Review: Family is Everything
'Once Upon a Time' Review: Family is Everything
Carla Day
Carla Day
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For the first time, Once Upon a Time took us on a journey to both Fairy Tale Land past and present in "Lady of the Lake," where we learned the story of Lancelot. He may have left the round table, but he maintained his integrity when he helped Snow.

Present Day Fairy Tale Land

Snow wakes to find Cora talking to Emma and freaks out. She tells Emma that Cora is even more evil than her daughter, Regina. After Snow and Emma are released, Snow is reunited with Lancelot and he offers assistance in their quest to get home.

When Snow and Emma were in Storybrooke, it was always Emma that took the lead and helped Snow. In this new world with magic and ogres, Emma is out of her element and Snow must take charge. She does this with the help of Mulan and Aurora. 

Even though Aurora promises Mulan she would put aside her anger and help, she instead attacks Snow. To protect her mother, Emma shoots her gun. Bad move in the land of ogres! She attracts an ogre and has to be saved by her mother's perfect arrow shot to the ogre's eye. Guess it really is like riding a bike.

They make it to Charming and Snow's former castle and find the wardrobe that sent Emma to safety. If they can re-ignite the magic, maybe it will take them home. Lancelot shows up to help them move it ... only it isn't Lancelot, rather Cora in Lancelot's form. She messes up by using Henry's name, which only Cora was told.

The fight is over quickly; Emma and Snow are safe. The wardrobe isn't as lucky as it burns to the ground. They will have to find another way back to Storybrooke and their family.

Cora sneaks in after they leave and fills a container with the wardrobe ash. Will that work to get her to Storybrooke and her family? As much as I don't want to see Cora in Storybrooke, the battle between Rumple, Regina and Cora would be epic! I have no idea who would win or who I would want to win, but it's a fight I'd love to see!

Pre-Curse Fairy Tale Land

Through the flashbacks, we see how Snow and Lancelot first met. Poor Snow has been cursed more times than any one person should be allowed. The King was upset that Charming rejected him. He decided if Charming wanted true love, then he could have it, but at a cost. The King cursed Snow so she could never bear children.

Of course, we know the curse must have been broken because Snow and Charming had Emma. It didn't come without sacrifice though. After Snow was cursed she left to return to Charming. Lancelot followed to warn her that the King was going after Charming's mother next.

Lancelot and Snow went to the cottage, but didn't arrive in time to stop Charming's mother from being shot. In order to save her, Charming decided to return to the Lady of the Lake to get magical water to save his mother.

When they arrived and while the men were looking for water, Charming's mother used her pendant to determine if her grandchild would be a boy or girl. Snow confessed that she was cursed and couldn't have any children. They decided to share the magical water so they could both be cured.

When only a small amount of water was found, Snow refused to take it. She figured she could find another way. Charming's mother drank the water, but wasn't healed. Her one regret that she'd never see Charming and Snow married. 

Lancelot married the couple and they drank. After Charming's mother died, he took his mother's pendant and wanted to know what their child would be and Snow freaked out. Only this time it worked. Charming's mother never drank the water and instead Lancelot gave it to Snow during the wedding ceremony. It will be a girl!

This was a cute story, but didn't provide much information that we didn't already know. Though, the King, like the Evil Queen, wanted nothing more than for Charming and Snow to pay for crossing him. Now that the King in Storybrooke knows his past, will he still be out to hurt them? At the end, he's seen stalking both David and Henry.


Most people in Storybrooke were happy to remember their prior lives and be reunited with their families, but not all. Jefferson is ashamed to reach out to his daughter, since he left her behind. Henry skips school to find him, but doesn't seem to get through to him.

Henry is such a smart kid. He tricks Regina into leaving her office and steals her keys to the hidden chamber where she keeps her Fairy Tale Land stash and finds the box with snakes.

Luckily, David shows up and saves Henry from danger. While it isn't odd that Regina would call on David to help find Henry, it's unexpected that she would let David in on the secret of her hiding place.

As David and Henry left, he said the they had to lock it up so no one else would find it. Could the answer to getting Snow and Emma back be in that room? Did magic return to those items?

In the end, Jefferson decides to reunite with his daughter and she is ecstatic to see him. Meanwhile, David realizes that he must include Henry in the quest. He decides to teach Henry how to sword fight which makes Henry happy.

Not much happened in Storybrooke, but the pull of family was intense. The people of Storybrooke need each other more than ever to thrive in this new place with magic.

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