'Once Upon a Time' Recap: Under the Sea
'Once Upon a Time' Recap: Under the Sea
Linda Martindale
Linda Martindale
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Once Upon a Time hinted in the spring that Ariel would show up and this week she does. What's even more interesting is that both Snow and Regina have ties to this little mermaid. I can't wait! The real question is, will we find out who is in that second cage? I'm thinking -- not this week.

Enchanted Forest: The Past

Snow's on the run. On the brink of a cliff, Regina's guards think they have her, but she jumps into the sea. As Snow sinks to the bottom, Ariel saves her. Once on shore, Snow and Ariel, talk the latter admitting to saving Prince Eric from a shipwreck. Once a year, he gives an "Under the Sea" ball and she found an invitation.

When Snow tells her she is dressed appropriately, Ariel turns her tail into legs. Ursula grants Ariel's kind the ability to walk on dry land once a year -- in fact, that day. Eric doesn't know she's a mermaid and she doesn't want him to know yet.

Both Snow and Ariel arrive at the ball, and is that a mermaid version of Regina I see? Eric enters and smiles at Ariel, who trips when she goes to meet him. He invites her to dance and he tells her of the shipwreck and a recurring dream he has of her face. He thinks that Ursula gave him a vision of his future wife, Ariel. This ball will be his final one as he leaves the next day to see the world. He wants Ariel to join him. Regina has been watching and starts to scheme.

Snow realizes that Ariel's scared of what Eric will say. She urges Ariel to be honest. She has only three hours to decide what to do. Returning to the sea, she asks Ursula for advice. When none comes, Ariel starts to leave only to have Regina (as Ursula) appear. Regina offers help and refuses Ariel's treasures. Instead, she tells Ariel to give Snow a bracelet, which Ariel does. Snow turns into a mermaid and realizes that it's Regina's trick. As Regina moves in for the kill, Ariel chooses friendship over love and snatches the bracelet off Snow. Both dive into the ocean where Ariel regains her tail. Regina loses her "catch of the day."

Snow returns to shore, but Ariel refuses to come. Ariel thinks she has lost Eric, but Snow urges her to go to the ship. Ariel swims for the dock as Eric waits. She sees him but has lost her voice. Regina has taken it so she won't have a second chance. Eric will never know of her love (and dubs Ariel "the little Mermaid"). Upon returning to her castle, Ursula appears in Regina's mirror with a threat of what will happen if Regina pretends to be her again.


Regina is trying to get Emma to use her magic. After she taunts Emma on being a waste of good magic, Emma starts a fire. Hook comes up and tells the Charmings about Pan's message that Neil is alive. Charming wants to know what Pan hopes to gain and Hook says his cooperation. Emma learns the truth that Neil is alive from her mom.

Pan comes up on Rumple (yeah, he's back) and offers him breakfast with the news that Rumple will have to go through Pan to see Neil. Pan offers Rumple a chance at life by returning to Belle, but Rumple won't leave without Henry and Neil. Pan reminds him that he will die and leaves.

Regina, meanwhile, doesn't want to save Neil and goes off on her own. She arrives as Rumple is being tricked with a "shadow" Belle, who has urged him to return to Storybrooke. Regina reveals Peter's shadow and tells Rumple she needs the real Rumple to defeat Pan. Both of them have powerful magic (I don't think so, Regina), and combined, they can take down one smug teenager (brat out of Hades as I call him). Rumple is reluctant to kill Pan but does have something that could contain him. Unfortunately, it's in Storybrooke and the two of them can't cross realms.

The misfits have traveled to Echo Cave to save Neil. Hook reveals that he lost half of his crew here because of the cave. Each must reveal something about themselves and that's why Pan placed Neil here.

On entering the cave, they see Neal about 100 feet away across a great gap. They each reveal something was a secret. Hook reveals that he kissed Emma and that he didn't think he would ever love again after Milah. He loves Emma.

Snow reveals that she sees Emma as strong and beautiful and hates that they lost watching her grow up. When they return to Storybrooke, she wants another child.

Charming reveals that he can never leave Neverland because of the arrow that wounded him contained dreamshade. Hook cured him, but he will die if he leaves.

With that, Emma runs to Neil and starts hacking his cage. Neil stops her and reveals that he knows she has secrets. Emma tells him that she's loved him since she saw him in New York but remembered the pain. Neil gets out of the cage and hugs her.

Outside, Neil joins the rest, and Hook tells him that they still need to rescue Henry. Emma tries to apologize to Neil, but he stops her. They move out, with Snow upset over Charming's secret.

On shore, Regina uses a sea shell to call Ariel. Regina has a deal to offer since Ariel can travel across realms. Regina will restore both her voice (which she does immediately) and give her legs that she can keep if Ariel goes to Storybrooke and retrieves the item from Rumple's shop.

Next Sunday, Grumpy meets Ariel and the fight for Henry begins in earnest. With this being the sixth episode of the 11 promised in Neverland, we still will have some epic battles and dreams to fulfill.

Once Upon a Time airs Sundays at 8pm on ABC.

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