'Once Upon a Time' Recap: Beans and the Search for Bael
'Once Upon a Time' Recap: Beans and the Search for Bael
Carla Day
Carla Day
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There's a giant in Storybrooke and he's angry! Once Upon a Time took another fairy tale character and twisted it on its head this week in "Tiny." In the flashback, the extermination of all the Giants except Anton was explained and in Storybrooke he tried to exact his revenge.

Rumple's Search For Bael

Emma agreed to fulfill her obligation to Rumple by accompanying him to New York to find Bael, but she wasn't going alone. With Cora on the loose in Storybrooke, she decided it was safer for Henry to leave town as well.

The three of them headed out to Logan airport where Rumple had to deal with TSA. His reaction was hilarious, though it was understandable that he didn't want to remove the shawl. For the show, there was no way he was going to lose his memory. 

The normally strong and formidable Rumple was out of his element and that was wearing him down. He took out his frustration on a metal holder in the bathroom stall and then looked miserable on the plane. Will he be able to handle the stress of the "real world" without magic?

Don't Make a Giant Mad!

How many surprises did Cora bring with her to Storybrooke? The Giant who helped Emma back in Fairy Tale Land was definitely an unexpected guest. At least Cora shrunk him down to size for the journey.

When he saw David, he went ballistic and wanted to kill the former price. David proclaimed that he had never seen Anton before, but the Giant wasn't having any of that. And, he may have been handled without incident if it wasn't for Regina.

Using magic, she returned Anton to his Giant size, so he could get revenge against David. It didn't work out as planned when Anton broke through the street and shrunk back down in size at the same time.

David and the others saved Anton. Their generosity provided the breakthrough for David to clear his name for the injustice done to the Giants.

Flashback: A Naive Anton 

Back in Fairy Tale Land That Was, it was Anton's actions that lead to the extermination of the rest of his kind. He was picked on by the other giants and nicknamed "Tiny." He was interested in humans and their ways.

When he had enough torment from his brothers, Anton headed down the beanstalk to check out the humans. He came across and was befriended by James and Jack. As Once Upon a Time tends to do they turned the fairy tale character of Jack around to be a female.

Jack gave Anton a magic mushroom to make him human-sized and the three of them went into the pub. She mentioned that that kingdom was facing financial ruin and Anton offered the treasure to them.

James and Jack betrayed Anton and followed him up the beanstalk to steal the priceless beans. On his brother's orders as he was dying, Anton destroyed the crop.

Storybrooke's Own Beanstalk

Now that Anton is stuck in Storybrooke, he revealed that he still has one bean sprout. He couldn't plant it in Fairy Tale Land, so he wanted to see if it would grow in this new land. The magic beans could help them get back to Fairy Tale Land.

Without mines to work, the Dwarfs volunteered to help work the land and plant the seed with Anton. The giant became an honorary Dwarf with his own ax that named him, "Tiny." He was alone back in the old world, but he found a new family.

The other problem is that Cora wanted the beans for herself. It's going to be a challenge to keep this a secret from her.

Belle and Greg

Ruby stopped by to visit Belle, but it didn't go well despite bring the gift of Jules Verne's Mysterious Island. Without her memory, Belle was confused about how she was healed and what she saw on the night of the accident. Instead of telling Belle the truth, Ruby hid their fairy tale past.

After Ruby left, Greg approached Belle and told her he saw the same ball of fire. Will these two work together to get to the bottom of magic in Storybrooke? Will they be a threat to the town's secret?

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