'Once Upon a Time' Recap: Mystery Outsider Revealed on 'Welcome to Storybrooke'
'Once Upon a Time' Recap: Mystery Outsider Revealed on 'Welcome to Storybrooke'
Carla Day
Carla Day
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In a somewhat slow-moving Once Upon a Time episode, quite a lot was revealed in "Welcome to Storybrooke." The day the curse happened and created Storybrooke was shown and Regina quickly became tired of her new life. Her actions in those first days may turn out to have far-reaching consequences for her and all the town's residents. Regina and Mary Margaret also came to a resolution about their family blood feud.

It's Groundhog's Day

The day that Regina cursed Fairy Tale Land had been revealed from that side, but until now it had been unclear how Storybrooke was created. This week, instead of a Fairy Tale Land flashback, we were shown Storybrooke's origin story in 1983.

For everyone other than Regina, the same day or at least a similar one occurred over and over again much to her dismay. She quickly became bored after a few days of everyone being submissive to her and nothing to do. She even grew tired of seeing the former Snow White and comatose Price Charming together unaware of their love for each other.

She went to Mr. Gold to complain about his faulty curse spell, but he didn't was unaware of the curse. (He didn't get his Rumple memories back until he heard Emma's name at the Bed and Breakfast.) Poor Regina was disappointed, until she remembered that the Flynn's were in town.

Storybrooke Outsiders

When Storybrooke was created, Kurt and Owen Flynn were within the forest and wandered into town. This upset Regina at first and she arranged to have Kurt's car fixed as soon as possible to get them out of town.

After a few days of living under the curse and being the recipient of Owen's kind gift, she decided to invite them to dinner. She grew to care for Owen quickly and wanted them to stay in town. Kurt refused her offer saying the he and Owen had to return to New Jersey

Regina controlled Sheriff Graham through his heart and Kurt overheard her. He tried to escape, but Graham showed up. When Graham's heart fell to the ground, it incapacitated him momentarily allowing Kurt to run out.

Kurt and Owen sped away in their car, but Graham intercepted them at the town border. Kurt encouraged his son to run away, which he did. Regina tried to convince him to stay, but he ran instead leaving his father behind in Storybrooke.

Greg Mendell Revealed

When Greg showed up in town, it appeared he just ended up at the wrong place at the wrong time, but that wasn't the case at all. Greg had been to Storybrooke before as a child. He is Owen.

After escaping Storybrooke, Owen returned with the State Troopers, but the town was shielded from outsiders. It looked like it was a figment of Owen's imagination. He was determined to come back and find his father.

Now that Owen/Greg is back in Storybrooke, what will he do with the recordings he has of magic in the town? Will he share it with the world? Or, does he plan to use it to blackmail Regina into telling him what happened to his father?

Regina's Revenge

After mourning her mother's death, Regina set out to find a way to get revenge against Mary Margaret. While destroying Cora's belongings she came across the Curse of the Empty-Hearted. She planned on using it to regain Henry's love, even if fake, while killing Mary Margaret.

Gold Pays His Debt

Gold showed up to warn David that Regina is going to seek revenge against his wife. David insisted that he help them, since Mary Margaret saved his live. They uncover the spell that Regina plans to use.

Henry got upset when he found out not only what Regina was planning, but that the only solution his mother and grandfather could come up with was to kill his adoptive mother. Henry was determined to get rid of magic in the town to save them all.

Gold stood guard over Mary Margaret to protect her from Regina.

Henry Stops the Blood Feud ... Sorta

Neal wanted to take Henry back to New York to protect him from Regina's curse, but Henry had other plans. He took off and headed to the well with dynamite. He believed that if he blew up the well then magic would cease to exist in Storybrooke.

Regina showed up and used magic to destroy Henry's dynamite. Henry begs her to stop what she is planning. That they could be happy without the spell if she doesn't kill Mary Margaret. While Emma, Neal, and David watched, Regina burned up the spell.

Henry ran into Emma's arms then left with his family while Regina stood there watching. Was Henry right? Does magic make good people do bad things? 

Mary Margaret Begs for Death

In one of the stupidest moves possible, Mary Margaret went to Regina and asked to be killed. Regina took out Mary Margaret's heart, but not to kill her, but to show her the darkness that loomed within it.

Regina wanted to watch Mary Margaret turn to the dark side and that torture would be enough punishment. Once Mary Margaret let the darkness overwhelm her, it would destroy her family and Henry would return to Regina. 

Did you enjoy Sheriff Graham's return? Did you see the Owen/Greg reveal coming right away or not until the end? Will Mary Margaret turn to the dark side or is Regina too optimistic?

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