'Once Upon a Time' Recap: Something Wicked Always Comes
'Once Upon a Time' Recap: Something Wicked Always Comes
Linda Martindale
Linda Martindale
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Once Upon a Time returned last week from its mid-season hiatus with Emma remembering her life in Storybrooke and taking off with Hook and Henry to see just what is going on. Let's face it! Storybrooke is not a normal place and Emma got a shock when she learned that her mom is expecting. So just who did it? Well, the flying monkeys do have a "queen" and she is wicked.

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Enchanted Forest

Let's all cheer: Red is back and alerts Snow to the Queen's weird behavior. Snow knows Regina's missing Henry. Regina has a plan to use the tunnels under the castle. She's going in alone, folks. When monkeys attack, Regina saves Robin's son by turning the monkey into a stuffed toy. Regina now is nice, folks -- to children.

Belle identifies the monkeys as belonging in Oz (and that's not Australia). We already have the bucket joke, so water won't work. Regina is going after the wicked witch and the "lollipop guild" won't stop her. I think Robin is falling in love. He follows Regina because he realizes that the monkey wants her. (Our hope now is that love is blooming.)

After trading insults, the two enter the tunnel. Both admit to doing wrong -- and I love Regina admitting to "owning" hers. Like all women, Regina wants to know her rival, Roland's mother. She died because of Robin's actions. Open door to crypt equals trap, Regina.

Inside the castle, Regina tells Robin to keep watch. Instead, he figures out she's making a potion and tries to stop her. He's dumb. The potion will put Regina to sleep after she opens the castle for the Charmings. We all agree, Regina. If you sleep, we hope Henry will awaken you.


Emma and Henry are with the Charmings. After the curse was reversed (love that term), Snow and David only remember waking in their Storybrooke bed. Hook, though, remembers Aurora and Philip and going his separate way. While at sea, he receiveed a message delivered by a bird telling him to go to New York to find Emma and give her a potion. Emma's first move is to tell everyone they need their memories back. I hope this is the right move.

At the diner, Henry meets Snow and Charming, who he thinks were Emma's cellmates. I love Snow's reply that they were in jail for banditry. Regina comes in and goes into shock. She wants to know why Emma remembers and Henry doesn't (not to mention what is going on).

At a town meeting, Belle asks the key question: who cast this spell? Grumpy blames Regina, who is clueless but decides to play evil again. Considering we didn't hear all of Emma and Regina's conversation, they must have a plan (which they do). Meeting at Regina's, she tries to replicate the spell but can't. That would be too easy this early in the story, wouldn't it?

Emma, Hook and David join the hunting party as our friendly giant tries to cross the demarcation line. As he does, a flying monkey catches him and takes off. Now there are two reasons not to leave town!

Searching the forest, they find him with a gash under his neck and rush him to the hospital. Dr. Frankenstein (wait, he wasn't from the Enchanted Forest) starts working only to stop as our friendly giant turns into a flying monkey. I knew this was going to happen (just not this way). We have a replacement for Walsh.

Snow has met someone she doesn't remember in the diner. The strange woman claims to be Zelena, a midwife from the Enchanted Forest. She will be honored to deliver Snow's baby. My guess is she wants Snow's baby for some reason (wicked, I'm sure). Warning to Snow: if you don't know them, don't trust them.

Emma and Regina are playing Bullock at a stakeout. Regina asks Emma what I would: don't you get bored? They talk about Henry. Henry would want Emma there because a hero must return to help. And at that, we see someone in Regina's house. Her blood spell isn't working. Something wicked has destroyed the potions and vanishes in green smoke.

Emma has Regina meet Henry. Regina volunteers to show Henry around town. Ah, I feel sad for Regina when Henry shakes her hand. David and Hook fill the women in on the flying monkey curse.

Game Changers!

You thought I'd put this in earlier, didn't you? We've heard the rumors of Henry's family expanding. We wait no longer. In Regina's castle, Zelena stops Regina from casting the sleeping spell. She's there to destroy Regina because they're related. Zelena is Cora's daughter, making them half-sisters. She has jealousy issues and plans to take everything from Regina and make her suffer (a remake of Cinderella?).

Oh, and did I mention Rumple taught Zelena, too? Regina gets that gleam in her eye that means watch out. It seems she wasn't stuck in the '80s like the rest as she tells Zelena to "Bring it, Greenie." The fight is on, dearies.

Oh, and Rumple's whereabouts? At Zelena's house in Storybrooke, he's acting mad and being held prisoner. We all saw this coming, didn't we? Anyone want to guess how long he'll be in the cell?

Next week, Regina has a purpose in life: the destruction of the witch. Rumple is alive, and Rapunzel appears. Beware is the key word. I'd beware of Rumple when he figures it all out. 

Once Upon a Time airs Sundays at 8pm on ABC.  

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