'Once Upon a Time' Recap: Rumple vs. Hook
'Once Upon a Time' Recap: Rumple vs. Hook
Carla Day
Carla Day
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After arriving in Storybrooke together, Cora and Hook each had their own plans. First, Cora took action against her rival, Regina, by framing her daughter for Archie's death. In "The Outsider," it was Hook's turn to seek revenge for losing his hand and the love of his life. How will Hook make Rumple suffer?

Where is Home?

Now that the curse is broken and Storybrooke is no longer a safe haven, should the residents return to their home in Fairy Tale Land? That's a question I never considered, but it definitely would shake up both worlds. 

The biggest surprise was that David was considering it. Since David and Mary Margaret are back together, she wanted to move into a new, bigger house instead of staying in the small apartment with Emma and Henry. That seems reasonable, right?

Instead, David wants to move back "home" to their kingdom and resume their roles as leaders of the land. That's quite a shocker to see the perfect couple disagreeing on something as huge as which realm they should call home.

With the Pennsylvania car crashing into Storybrooke, the residents' fears are sure to only increase.

Rumple's Search for Baelfire

It took years of plotting and waiting for Rumple to have the opportunity to go after his son, Baelfire. He manipulated Regina into the curse, arrived in the same realm as his son, and waited years for the curse to be broken only to find out he was unable to leave Storybrooke.

Using magic, he found a way to leave the town with his memories intact. To make sure, he first tested the potion on Smee, who didn't lose his memories after crossing the town line.

When Rumple tried the potion, I was afraid that Bael's shawl wasn't going to work. Is that really his most prized possession? It must be, because it worked. He crossed over, but his quest to find Bael was cut short.

Rumple vs. Hook

The fight between these two men has been a long time coming. Instead of going after Rumple directly, Hook manipulated the situation to hurt his enemy more than death. He attacked Belle, while Smee destroyed the pawn shop and stole the shawl, which hurt both of Rumple's loves.

Belle couldn't stand by and let Hook hurt Rumple when she realized where he was hiding. She took the gun Rumple gave her and went after Hook and the shawl herself. She found the hidden boat and was shocked to find Archie alive there. 

She sent Archie to tell Rumple about the boat, only Hook arrived first. Belle and Hook went face-to-face and he told her the awful truth about what happened in Fairy Tale Land. Despite that, Belle stood by Rumple.

Rumple could have killed Hook, but Belle convinced him not to do it. She believed he was a better person than that. They had the shawl, so there was no reason to cause Hook further harm. Unfortunately, that would come back to cause her much pain.

After Rumple crossed the town line, Hook shot Belle which forced her over too. She was shot and lost her memory. With no memory of Rumple, Hook saved Belle from her lover's evil, while causing his foe pain. Hook won this round.

Hello, Phillip!

Back in Fairy Tale Land That Was, we learned that Mulan and Belle knew each other. They partnered up to save Mulan's village from a beast, Yaoguai. This was one of the least interesting flashbacks that we have seen.

In the end, Belle was able to put out the beast's fire ring around its neck. The Yaoguai then put a message in the sand asking for help. Belle used fairy dust to reveal the beast's true character, Prince Phillip. 

Belle brought Phillip to Mulan, who went on their way to presumably heal and find Aurora, while Belle decided to go see Rumple again. Belle's trip was interrupted when she was captured by Regina.

The Outsider

A mysterious car crashed into Storybrooke! Did Rumple break a protective seal on the town with his magic? Or, is something else at play? 

His arrival is sure to cause more concern amongst the residents about whether or not they should stay in Storybrooke. Plus, now that Archie has been found alive, how will they react to Cora's presence in town?

Do you think they should stay in Storybrooke? What should Rumple do now that Belle doesn't remember him? Who is the biggest threat to the town: Cora? Regina? Hook? Or, the Outsider?

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