'Once Upon A Time' Recap: Rumpelstiltskin Runs the Show
'Once Upon A Time' Recap: Rumpelstiltskin Runs the Show
It's week two in Storybrooke for the characters of Once Upon a Time. What can we look forward to tonight? Well we can be sure of a ton of dramatic stares from Regina/The Evil Queen. Sister Mary Margaret/ Snow White will look like a little, cute lost puppy. Oh and Emma will most likely find out some more fantastical secrets about her family lineage.

Regina finds that a few pages have been torn from the storybook. This marks the first dramatic stare of the night.

A Vampire in the Castle?

Kristin Bauer Van Straten, Pam from HBO's True Blood, makes her appearance as The Evil Queen's nemesis Maleficent. Her sleeping spell which, ultimately, could not withstand Sleeping Beauty's kiss was once part of a deal made by the two. Now, the Evil Queen wants it for her own. In a pretty cool special effects duel, the witches duke it out. Maleficent falls short and, of course, her "frenemy" walks away with her prize.

The Evil Queen's enchanted mirror makes its first appearance. Get this... In Storybrooke, the "mirror" is a journalist; a part of The Storybrooke Mirror newspaper. Cute right?


Henry gives Emma, his mother, the lost pages just before running into school. Sister Mary Margaret walks up to Emma. "Who does he think you are?" asks Emma. "Snow White," she replies. Envision puzzled look and dramatic pause as the music plays. What does she do with this information? She makes a visit to the town shrink Dr. Archibald Hopper, otherwise known as Jiminy Cricket.

Dr. Hopper plays snitch and tells Regina that Emma stops by. Regina then has the sheriff find Emma in her hotel room and arrest her for breaking and entering. The Evil Queen is a lot cooler than Regina, just saying.

Picking Apples

Henry saves the day and gives Emma a "get out of jail free" card, courtesy of Sister Mary Margaret posting her bail. So Emma decides to take an electric saw to Regina's beloved apple tree. Now she's really going heavy on those dramatic stares!

Who's in Charge Here?

Remember the curse The Evil Queen took from Maleficent? Yeah, well it totally didn't work. Hilarious, I know. So she goes to Rumpelstiltskin, who gave it to her to begin with. Now she finds out that it doesn't work because of the deal Snow White and Prince Charming made with him. So, in a way, the crazy guy is sort of running the show.

It Takes Heart

To find a way around Rumpelstiltskin's deal with Snow and Charming, the Queen must kill the one she loves the most and sacrifice their heart. If this were a riddle, wouldn't the answer be her? Who could the Queen possibly love more than herself?

Emma comes over to talk with her about little Henry. He, unfortunately, overhears her say that his behavior is "crazy." Henry runs off upset. Emma tells Regina "you have no soul." I was right!... wasn't I? The Evil Queen leaves Rumpelstiltskin, thinking things over. Snow's actions have really taken a toll on her psyche; she's contemplating murdering her father. Daddy's little girl turns a tearful embrace into a dangerous one with the swift jab of a hidden knife.

After an unknowingly meaningful chat between Emma and Sister Mary Margaret, Emma stops a session between Dr. Hopper and Henry. She plays along with the "curse talk," so to speak. By burning the lost pages, they have the upper hand over Regina.

Creepy Guy Knows Something

Rewind to The Evil Queen sacrificing her father's heart. The curse now works and she pays her respects to her father's tombstone which reads "HENRY." Did you see that one coming? Yep, Mr. Gold has a few words with Regina. He makes it pretty obvious that he knows what everyone else doesn't. I think Regina is catching on, though.

Ever think to yourself, "Hmm... I wonder what it would look like if Once Upon a Time re-enacted how Snow White met Prince Charming"? Well tune in next Sunday to find out!

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Jilliane Johnson
Contributing Writer

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