'Once Upon a Time' Recap: Can Hook's Bad Form Help?
'Once Upon a Time' Recap: Can Hook's Bad Form Help?
Linda Martindale
Linda Martindale
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Tonight's 'Once Upon a Time' episode promises to reveal more to us about Hook's early history (before meeting Rumple). Can his involvement with Pan be far behind? Oh, and did I mention the kiss? Captain Swan really shows up in a major way for us tonight!


With Neil in a cage Henry watches a party. A "lost boy" threatens Henry and challenges him to a fight. Henry starts fighting with a stick but and Pan shows up. Henry, as the true believer, can have a sword by believing. Henry with a real sword defeats his foe, drawing blood. When Henry apologizes, Pan tells him he never has to apologize. We are only 4 minutes into the show, folks.

Emma has found more markings Neil made in the cave. She realizes these represent his hopeless days, like she felt in foster care. Deciding Henry needs a simple sign that they're coming, they move. Hook stops Emma to tell her he understands but she refuses to bond. Daddy warns Hook off.

As the misfits work, David and Hook go after rope. The daddy warning comes. Come on David, this is not what we want! We want the kiss now! Hook reminds David that he's dying. David passes out and Hook makes him show the wound which has almost reached his heart. David has found a military insignia which belonged to Hook's older brother. Pan and his brother fought on Deadman's Peak. Hook thought the insignia was lost. If it wasn't, maybe the satchel holding a sextant, which will take them home, is still on the island.

When the plan is revealed, Emma and Regina don't want the men to look for the sextant. Hook realizes that Henry needs a message because he is close to becoming a 'lost boy." The message is from David: "grandpa loves him." He hugs Emma and Mary Margaret and leaves. Regina is, as usual, is on the outside looking in.

Mary Margaret notches an arrow at a lost boy who asks if they want to start a war. Regina reveals chocolate for him if he takes a message to Henry. The boy takes the chocolate but throws it away. He's happy in Neverland and doesn't want to go home. Oh, and by the way, Henry gave him his wound. Emma and Regina must get that message to Henry so Regina acts. She takes the boy's heart and uses him to send Henry a magic mirror. Mary Margaret is upset because they chose this method to reach Henry yet eventually sees it as working when Henry learns they are there. Unfortunately, the mirror shatters as Pan arrives. After Mary Margaret apologizes to Emma, Regina reminds them that she does the dirty work.

David and Hook have reached the ascent and Hook has climbed up. Pan appears and offers Hook a deal. Hook can take Emma and leave the island if he will work for Pan. David has overheard the plan and after a brief fight, collapses. Hook came here for a magic spring that cures the poison. He gives the water to David but with a warning that David must remain in Neverland. David drinks because he wants to save Henry and his family. On their return, David spins a story of how Hook protected him from taking an arrow and kisses Mary Margaret passionately.

The others leave but Emma stays behind to talk with Hook. Come on, we've waited all episode for this scene. We know the kiss is coming! Emma thanks him and we see Hook wanting more - they kiss! FINALLY! And what a kiss! Emma tells Hook it is a one time thing but it has affected her deeply. Pan appears. Hook tells him the kiss shows Emma is seeing him as a man of Honor. Pan offers him a secret - Baelfire's alive and on the island. Hook can choose to share this with Emma or not. As the show ends, Pan tells the lost boys to hang Neil up next to the other one? Who is the other one? Rumple? Tink? Someone else?

Hook's (Killian Jones) Past Revealed

Hook's life started as Lt. Jones who served under his brother Captain Liam Jones. The king has sent them out with a Pegasus sail. With a sexton Killian has received from his brother, they chart their course for the second star (Neverland). Their order: to get dreamshade to save lives (or to use against the king's enemies). As they are attacked, the ship takes off to the sky and they reach Neverland.

Liam and Killian search the island for the king's plant. They run into Pan, who tells them that they don't want that plant because it kills not cures. Killian is worried that the king has sent them off on a task for the plant to use against his enemies. Liam disagrees and they head to Deadman Peak where they find it. To prove that the king isn't a coward, Liam cuts his arm with the plant and immediately collapses. Pan shows up again and reveals that the spring of water will cure Liam but as with all magic, it comes with a price. Killian doesn't care, gets the water and saves his brother's life. Realizing the king has lied, they board the ship and return to their land. Liam dies in Killiam's arms.

At a sea burial, the men recognize Killian as their new captain. Killian declares war on the king who has shown "bad form." Killian declares the men free and the ship and men no longer under the king's control. By declaring mutiny, he and his men are pirates who have their own honor and they rename the ship the Jolly Roger.

Next Sunday, Ariel shows up and it appears that she has ties to Snow in the Enchanted Forest.

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