'Once Upon a Time' Recap: Death Comes to Storybrooke
'Once Upon a Time' Recap: Death Comes to Storybrooke
Carla Day
Carla Day
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The past on Once Upon a Time came back in dramatic fashion on "The Miller's Daughter." Last Sunday, it was revealed that Cora killed Snow's mother out of revenge, but the reason was unclear. The feud between the families started years before when Eva tripped the Miller's daughter in front of the King. Cora forever used that humiliating moment to drive her decisions.

A Miller's Daughter and a Princess Collide

In Fairy Tale Land That Was, Cora made a flour delivery because her father was incapacitated. In that moment, the future was forever changed and a feud between families was started.

While delivering the flour, Princess Eva from the north tripped Cora causing flour to spill across the floor. The King reprimanded Cora and demanded that she apologize and kneel before them until they were gone.

Cora was furious that she would be demeaned in such a manner for something she didn't do. The anger inside her took over her decision making and led her to a treacherous and unhappy life.

Spinning Straw Into Gold

Cora sneaked into a royal ball and danced with the Prince until the King cut in and acknowledged her as the Miller's Daughter. As he was dismissing her, she told him she could turn straw into gold.

He didn't believe her and asked her to prove it right there. He said, if she could turn straw into gold, she could marry the prince. She said she needed time and he locked her away with a spindle and straw. She was helpless until Rumple showed up and offered her a deal. He would spin the straw into gold for her in exchange for her first born.

Cora agree, but wanted him to teach her how to do it herself. He agreed to those terms. Rumple taught Cora to use her anger to power magical abilities. After a bit of time, it worked. She not only gave the room's worth of gold to the King, but proved her value to him.

The Prince bent down on one knee and proposed to Cora with Princess Eva and her King father looking on.

Love or Power

Surprisingly, Cora fell in love with Rumple and when the time came to marry the prince, she wasn't sure if she wanted to go through with it. Rumple said he had nothing to offer her and she replied except for love.

Cora decided to leave with Rumple instead. He changed their agreement to state that Cora owed Rumple his first born. Cora still wanted to make the King pay and asked Rumple to teach her how to remove a heart.

She went to see the King with the intention of taking his heart and then killing him. When she saw him, the King asked her which she would rather have: love or power? The King knew about her love for Rumple.

Cora decided to go with power and realized she that love made her weak. She removed her own heart instead of the King's. Cora broke Rumple's heart when she decided to marry the Prince instead of leaving with him. 

Princess Cora gave birth to a daughter, Regina. Was the Prince the father? Or, could Rumple be Regina's father?

Rumple's Dying

After sailing back to Storybrooke in Hook's pirate ship, Rumple, Emma, Neal, David, and Mary Margaret headed to Gold's shop to use magic for protection. Rumple taught Emma how to pull the magic out of her for a protection spell.

While she was sealing the building with Neal, Gold guided Mary Margaret to the magic candle that would save his life. She would have to use it to exchange his life for Cora's. Mary Margaret wondered why he thought she'd use it to save him when she couldn't use it to save her own mother.

Gold rightly said that it was about protecting her family and those she loved from Cora. And, Gold is part of that family now. Mary Margaret took the candle but was interrupted by an attack.

The magic wasn't strong enough to hold both Cora and Regina out. They burst their way in and fought to get through to Gold in the back room. Mary Margaret sneaked out, David was thrown out while Emma and Neal sealed themselves in the back room with magic.

Before Gold died, he wanted to talk to Belle. He called her and said he loved her and even if she didn't get her memory back to remember she was a special woman. His call to Belle opened Neal's eyes to another side of his father.

The father and son had a touching reunion and renewed their love for each other. That moment  was broken up as Cora burst into the room and transported Neal and Emma to the forest. She was left alone with Gold to take his power.

The Decision: Who Dies?

Mary Margaret headed to get Cora's heart. She found it and pondered for a moment over what to do. She went ahead and cursed the heart by lighting the candle over it and saying, "Cora."

As Mary Margaret was leaving with the heart, she was stopped by Regina, who wanted to know why Mary Margaret had her mother's heart. Mary Margaret convinced Regina that she was getting the heart for her. That Cora could never love her daughter without her heart.

Regina took her mother's heart. She arrived at the shop and put it back into her mother just before she put the dagger in Gold. Cora smiled and felt the love that she had lost for all those years. She fell into her daughter's arms and they shared a touching moment.

Gold started to heal as Cora died in her daughter's arms. Regina was confused and thought that Gold used magic, but he denied that. And, then a distraught Mary Margaret walked in too late to stop Regina. And, with that the feud between the families was reignited.

Do you think Regina is Rumple's daughter? Did Mary Margaret make the right decision to have Cora killed to protect her family? How evil will Regina get now?

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