'Once Upon a Time' Recap: Baelfire Found and a Threat Revealed
'Once Upon a Time' Recap: Baelfire Found and a Threat Revealed
Carla Day
Carla Day
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Once Upon a Time revealed answers to much anticipated questions on "Manhattan." Rumple was reunited with his son Bae, but that meeting exposed a much greater secret and threat to the man. Meanwhile, a plot to bring Rumple down started back in Storybrooke.

Baelfire is Neal

It wasn't much of a surprise that Neal was really Bae,but that didn't take away from the emotional reunion of Neal and Emma. It was intense and heartfelt. She questioned him about whether he always knew who she was and he honestly denied it.

It was August that revealed her true identity. And, with that the answer about what was in the box that August used to convince Neal. His typewriter! So, the same thing as always, but it was the message typed on a piece of paper that convinced him, "I know you're Baelfire."

Neal said it was fate that they met. And, wondered if something good came from it. Emma denied that. Umm ... Henry! She clearly didn't want Neal to have anything to do with their son and blamed Neal for sending her to prison.

In exchange for never seeing her again, Neal asked her to keep his father away.

Seer Foretells the Future

In Fairy Tale Land that Was, Rumple went to fight in the Ogre War and his path crossed a Seer. With that meeting, Rumple's life was forever changed. The Seer told him that his wife, Milah, was pregnant with a son. 

She said, "You will have a son and your action will leave him fatherless." With this foretold, Rumple attempted to change it, but instead cemented his tragic future. His decision to avoid death on the battlefield led to a life of isolation and without love.He hurt his foot, went home, was ostracized by Milah and his town, and set upon his current path. 

Did Rumple really leave the front for his son? Yes, I believe that his intentions were good. He wanted to be there for his son, but as the seer said he really left his son fatherless with his actions. It was unfortunate and heartbreaking to see Rumple break.

Search For a Sword

In Storybrooke, Regina, Cora, and Hook set out to find Rumple's sword, so they could control and destroy him. Regina went to Belle at the hospital, but the patient still didn't have her memory. 

Instead, Regina found the clue in Belle's bag. Rumple would never leave town without a back-up plan. That reasoning was a bit contrived, but set up their search and an even interesting wrinkle with the mystery man. 

The search led to the library and a treasure map. Cora attacked Hook and said that he was not worthy of the sword. She wanted to use the sword against Emma, Charming and Snow by placing the blame for their demise on Rumple. Then, Regina could get Henry back. Will they find the sword?

Neal Comes to Emma's Rescue

Rumple was not willing to let go of Bae and broke into his apartment. When Emma was drawn to a dreamcatcher-like weaving on the window, Rumple questioned her interest in it and threatened her to fulfill her promise.

As he approached Emma, Neal entered and warned his father away from Emma. Aww. Love Neal! Despite sending her to prison, he loved her then and still loves her now. He trusted August and thought he was doing what was best for her.

Truth Comes Out

Rumple realized that Neal and Emma knew each other. And, then Neal realized that Henry was his son. A heartbreaking moment for all involved. A reminder that secrets lead to heartache. Rumple used Neal's desire to help Emma to force him to fulfill her deal and to talk to him. 

Henry was upset that Emma lied about his father and even compared her to Regina. Ouch. His reunion with Neal was touching. If anyone can heal the divide between Henry and Emma, it will be Neal.

Bae Gives in To Rumple ... For Three Minutes

Rumple is an idiot. He thought reverting Bae to a teenager would fix things? Why would Neal want to give up his past and his future? 

It was heartbreaking to hear Bae talk about how every night he remembered his father decision to let him go above the pit. Bae was not going to let his father in his life again. It was fitting that Bae said he would now let his father go.

Is the Future Foretold? A Piece of the Puzzle!

After losing his son and his wife, he found the Seer again and wanted to know how to find his son. The Seer said he would find him, it would take years and a curse. When he demanded to know more, she tricked him into taking her power.

"There will be a price. The boy will be your undoing." -- Seer
"Then I'll just have to kill him." -- Rumple 

Wow! Will Rumple kill his grandson?

Mystery Man Uncovers Magic

He's not leaving Storybrooke. Not after seeing Regina use magic.

How is it possible that Bae is Neal?

Bae left Fairy Tale Land at a younger age, time passed, and then another 28 years of the curse. How is it that Neal is not an old man?

Bae as Neal complicates the story and further ties these families together from Fairy Tale Land. But, the age issue doesn't make any sense on the surface. Perhaps, Bae stopped aging just as the Storybrooke residents did. What do you think is the reason for his age difference? Does the show need to explain this? Or, do you not really care?

What surprised you the most on "Manhattan?" Would Rumple kill his own grandson? Are you looking forward to seeing what happens between Emma and Neal?

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