'Once Upon a Time' Recap: Always Let Your Conscience Be Your Guide
'Once Upon a Time' Recap: Always Let Your Conscience Be Your Guide
Two weeks has been quite a long wait for Once Upon a Time to return, when keeping in mind the deal made by Emma Swan with Mr. Gold.

Tonight, the stakes are raised as therapist Archie Hopper's story is revealed as Jiminy Cricket. Plus, the curse laid upon Storybrooke allows for something hidden deep down underground to stir. Little Henry investigates and, of course, gets himself into a lot of trouble.

Tonight's story begins with a traveling puppet show. A young red-haired boy pickpockets the crowd as they marvel over an award-winning performance. Whose tale is this? Why it's Jiminy Cricket's, of course. His parents were the puppeteers. This would be one of those instances where one should definitely forget where one comes from.

Back in Storybrooke, Archie Hopper has a session with Henry and Emma Swan is handed her Deputy Sheriff's badge. After what seems to be a minor earthquake, everyone gathers at the old mining hole. Mayor Regina arrives, finds a strange item and tells Archie to rid her son of his crazy notions. One question, what mayor goes to such great lengths as this one? Overachiever...

One simple act of kindness, a young boy gives Jiminy (now a grown man) his umbrella and his whole world seems to change. Hop back to present day and Henry makes the connection that Archie is friends with the guy who is actually Geppetto, Pinocchio's maker. This makes Archie quite upset. He tells Henry that he could be locked up for these thoughts. Way to go, Dr. Hopper.

Mary Margaret has apparently been keeping our awakened David some company. His wife Catherine breaks up this lovely moment, unfortunately.

Meanwhile, Henry is upset over Dr. Hopper's words. Where would you go in time of depression? Perhaps your mother's arms? No, she's the one causing the problems. Maybe a friend's place? He tried that and it only sent him right back to his mother. Henry runs back to the mine. This doesn't look good.

Surprise, surprise! Jiminy and his family were doing business with Rumpelstiltskin. While making a visit, Jiminy accepts a potion that will take his parent's off his case. At the mine, Henry creates another "earthquake" and Dr. Hopper is now trapped inside the mine while Emma is outside and frantic.

Talk about a turn of events! Remember the potion from Rumpelstiltskin? Well, Jiminy and his parents trick a nice young couple into trading possessions for a cure for an oncoming plague. Jiminy's conscience gets the best of him and he attempts to toss his potion at his parents. It doesn't work. His father has switched the viles and given the fatal one to the couple. They find them on the bed... turned into wooden puppets. Just to twist the knife, their son is the same boy who handed Jiminy the umbrella.

Oh yeah, and Regina, the world's worst mayor, arrives back at the mine. She decides to blow up the opening in hopes that it will... well... open. It doesn't. Henry and Archie are in a mine shaft elevator and I'm sure they've fallen deeper underground.

David takes a walk with Mary Margaret and confesses that she's the only thing in "this place that feels real." How cute! This, again, is cut short by the annoying Catherine. I wonder if she'll turn out to be Tinkerbell. She was always fluttering about at the wrong times!

A Dalmatian is recruited to help sniff out another way to Henry and Archie. With all the hustle and bustle up above, these two have ample time for some bonding time. Apparently kids can teach grownups things because Dr. Hopper seems to have experienced an "I was lost and you found me" moment.

Emma opens the top of the elevator and pulls Henry out just before the elevator drops. So long Archie!... Just kidding! Before the drop, he hooked his umbrella handle into a hook on Emma's harness. Everyone is alright!

Archie's newfound conscience allows for him to stand up to Regina's overbearing ways. And Jiminy wishes to bring back the boy's parents. Unfortunately, the Blue Fairy says it isn't possible. There is another way, though. She turns him into a sharply dressed cricket. She tells him to find the boy and help him as he grows up. The boy's name, you ask? It's Geppetto! Gives you the warm fuzzies, doesn't it?

As for the dolls, Geppetto's parents, well... they now sit in Mr. Gold's pawn shop. Plus, Mary Margaret has delivered her letter of resignation to the hospital. Oh and one more thing. That item that Regina found was a piece of glass. She drops it down the shaft and it gathers with a bunch of other pieces. It looks as if putting them together assembles Snow White's glass casket.

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Next Sunday on Once Upon a Time, we learn more about Prince James as David Nolan must make a choice between his wife Catherine and his true love Mary Margaret.

Jilliane Johnson
Contributing Writer

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