'Once Upon a Time' Recap: A Witch's Work is Never Done
'Once Upon a Time' Recap: A Witch's Work is Never Done
Linda Martindale
Linda Martindale
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Once Upon a Time has pulled out the stops for its newest chapter. Not only have the residents of Storybrooke lost a year of their lives, but Snow is pregnant. In addition, newcomers like Robin Hood have joined the residents (along with mysterious Wicked Witch Zelena). Emma and Regina have their work cut out for them. And in this week's episode, Rapunzel appears. If I remember correctly, a witch locked her in a tower.

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The Good Squad at Work

Wow! We get no previews but move straight into a frightening dream Charming has about Emma, a ball and dancing. As Emma tells him he failed her, she is drawn into a black hole (for lack of a better term). Charming wakes to find Snow at the window who tells him she's pregnant. I didn't know that Charming was so swift and a doctor to boot, knowing about the pregnancy before Snow told him!

In Storybrooke, nine months later (actually that should probably be eight), Hook is wondering where the wickedness that's affecting the town hides. What's this? Watercooler talk is confirmed. Neil is missing.

The Witch's Plot

And speaking of Belle, she's minding Rumple's shop when in walks dear Zelena looking for a gift for Snow. As Belle turns, she casts a spell. We knew she didn't want a gift. She wants a powder to use on Charming.

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The Investigation Starts and Stops

Hook, Charming and Emma investigate Regina's home where Charming finds a footprint with a berry that grows in the wood. His phone beeps and it is Snow wanting him at the loft to meet the midwife.

Arriving at the loft, Zelena and Snow are talking. Zelena offers to make them tea to drink as they talk. As Zelena poisons Charming's mug, he questions if she can be trusted. They discuss matters and Zelena even brings up their loss of Emma. Offering a toast, Charming sips his tea and goes to meet Emma and Hook in the woods.

Hook and Emma track the berries to a house with a mysterious storm cell. When Emma wants to go down, Hook convinces her to regroup with Regina and Charming. Finding Charming's missed call, they take off looking for him.

Charming has his own problems. Grabbing his sword from the truck, he enters the woods where he has hallucinations. He calls Emma. This is the call Emma has found on her phone. Ladies, we all would have voicemail on if we were off with a gorgeous pirate.

Charming is confronted by the same witch as Rapunzel, which is himself. He fights and defeats his doppelganger by admitting his fear. Regina, Emma and Hook find him and Regina immediately knows that the witch is playing with their minds.

Everyone travels to the mysterious house which has a storm cellar with a cell in it. When they enter, the four find broken locks and an empty cell which contains a spinning wheel, but no Rumple, who is out and free. Who is he gunning for?

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Rapunzel's Story

In the Enchanted Forest, Robin finds Charming taking a swig in the stables. Having received gold-tipped arrows, Robin's having his own problems. Robin, get over it. The queen likes you. When he learns Charming is having nightmares, he send him to Sherwood Forest where the night root grows. That's a typical herb used in fairy tales.

As he searches, Charming finds Rapunzel in her tower instead and learns her story. She too was seeking something to mask her fears and nightmares when her witch found her. Hands please of all who think this is Zelena.

As a noise sounds, the witch appears and starts the climb up. Charming refuses to leave and starts to protect Rapunzel and thinks he succeeds only to have the witch appear to both as Rapunzel (a doppelganger here, folks). David sees the witch as Rapunzel's fear. This witch is one powerful fiend. It's going to be a long rest of the season. Rapunzel returns home but expresses fear to Snow about their new child.

Relationships Change

Regina and Henry have time together where she learns about his life in New York. Henry tells her that he doubts his mother's story about coming to Storybrooke. Henry feels it has something to do with Walsh, who made Emma happy. Regina thinks everything will come clear in the future.

Emma and Hook find the berries in the woods where they talk about how he found her. She admits to having her heart broken and he plans to heal it.

In next week's episode, there are flying monkeys and Rumple, oh my. And Neil returns. It's going to be a roller coaster of a season, folks, that's going to take our breathe away. 

Once Upon a Time airs Sundays at 8pm on ABC.

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