'Once Upon a Time' Recap: A New Hero Appears
'Once Upon a Time' Recap: A New Hero Appears
Linda Martindale
Linda Martindale
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Once Upon a Time has quite the dilemma on their hands. They have created a villain that (almost) everyone hates. When Zelena is around, no one is safe. I fear we're in for some nasty weather when a girl named Dorothy meets old greenie. Also, the Charmings have their baby. Could the two events be connected? Personally, I hope not!

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The baby is coming and the Charmings arrive at the hospital. Emma and Regina cast a protection spell, but Regina is not sure it will work. Hook shows up to help, but Emma's not accepting it because of the curse. Emma, he really didn't know! Give the guy a break. 

Emma is going to attack the cabin. Charming tells her to take Hook with her to draw the witch's fire. Henry arrives and Emma tells him she has to go. Henry isn't dumb. He knows she has to defeat the bad guys. Regina promises to keep him safe. Arthur spends time with Henry as he does some apartment hunting.

In his prison, Rumple is spinning gold when Zelena arrives. She picks the gold up and it becomes a brain, which she adds to Regina's heart and Charming's sword. Somehow, Zelena sees the gold as Rumple's thought. Wait, is that really Rumple's heart? He looked strangely at her when she said that.

Rumple is following Zelena's commands but tells her that destiny is destiny. Nothing Zelena can do will change who she is. Can we escape her presence tonight?

Captain Swan have arrived at the cabin but are too busy discussing Emma's return to New York to see Zelena. She has Rumple throw Hook into a pool and he starts to drown. Zelena gloats. As Emma tries to save him, she calls him Killian. She kisses him and her magic disappears as his spell is broken. Shoot! I liked that white magic.

At the hospital, Robin and his men get hit first by Zelena. Next up is Belle who tries to protect Rumple but is zapped too. Rumple stops but is ordered to follow. Regina tells Arthur to take Henry to safety as she faces off (and loses) to Zelena. I'm hating Zelena more and more, folks.

The baby is born as the lights flicker. It's a boy! Sorry, folks, it isn't Dorothy. As the Charmings welcome their son, Zelena arrives and snatches the baby. He's pure and innocent. Hey, you never were pure and innocent, Zelena.

Zelena arrives at the cabin as Charming grabs his sword and joins Regina, Henry, Emma, Robin and Hook in the hall. Emma admits she failed. She can't defeat Zelena, but Henry knows who can. Guess who has pure white magic (love) now? Regina, who wouldn't use dark magic against Zelena! She broke Henry's memory spell with a kiss. She can defeat Zelena. Yes! Regina is a good hero.

At the cabin, Zelena starts the spell. All looks bleak, but wait, the heroes arrive. As the battle begins with each having an assignment and flying monkeys appearing, Regina pulls white magic and defeats Zelena, getting the pendant. Rumple starts to kill Zelena because of Neal, but Regina grabs the dagger and orders him to stop.

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The Aftermath of the Battle

Zelena is in jail and begs Regina for death. Regina tells her she once was her and that she's going to give Zelena a chance to change. Zelena sees her as having everything and Regina tells her she lost her true love. She could have killed Snow, but she wouldn't have been a part of Storybrooke which gave her her son. Regina tells Zelena to take the second chance or she'll crush her heart. Regina takes the pendant to her mother's tomb where it will be safe.

Rumple is at his shop when Belle arrives. Regina, to make amends, has given her Rumple's dagger. She gives it to him because she knows he is good but makes him promise not to kill Zelena. He presents it to her as a mutual sign of trust and asks her to marry him. After she leaves, he goes to the jail and stabs Zelena with it. He took it from Belle with a slight of hand. She cracks up (literally). He leaves and she disappears as her green magic seeps out of the tomb.

At the hospital, Charming comes in with the baby, with Emma behind him. It's a family reunion as Henry joins and Hook looks on. She has told Hook she hasn't gotten her magic back and plans to return to New York.

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Enchanted Forest/Oz

Zelena (in Oz) watches Rumple teach Regina magic and shows that she can do it. Glinda enters and thanks Zelena for turning Walsh into his true self, a flying monkey. Maybe Glinda isn't as good as we thought? She tells Zelena that she can't go back in time and invites her to join her other sister witches.

At the witches' palace, Zelena asks if they can help her travel through time. Glinda tells Zelena she is there to change her destiny and offers her a seat at the table. Zelena must have some magic, but she must choose to be good to be a part of the great plan. She shapes her own destiny. Glinda keeps the sisterhood's records and knows that a strong sister will join then to protect Oz. The sister arrives in a twister. (Oh, now I see where Dorothy comes in.)

Zelena is still consumed by the past watching Regina, but she stops and accepts Glinda's choice. Glinda gives her that blasted pendant and told to guard it with her life. The pendant will harness the power and it will grow stronger. If she doesn't have it, she is powerless. Grab the pendant quick, Regina. With the pendant, she returns to herself. Only when she is envious does she turn green.

Zelena is looking at the West area when a twister deposits a house nearby (unfortunately not on her). A girl, Dorothy Gale, is in the wreckage. Glinda takes her back to the castle and introduces her, while Zelena gets mad and turns green. She meets Dorothy in the woods and Dorothy gets scared and throws water on her. Zelena melts (but not really). Okay, if Dorothy defeated her in Oz, why is she in Storybrooke?

Glinda arrives and takes Dorothy to see the Wizard, who tells her to click her heels and she'll return home. After Dorothy leaves, the curtain falls and it is Zelena. She's sent Dorothy away and banishes Glinda to the North as her necklace glows. 

Next week on the two-hour finale of Once Upon a Time, which airs next Sunday at 8pm on ABC, there's a wedding and we get flashbacks. And in the last minutes, we'll learn where we're going next year.

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