'Once Upon a Time' Recap: Death in the Past, Present and Future
'Once Upon a Time' Recap: Death in the Past, Present and Future
Carla Day
Carla Day
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On tonight's Once Upon a Time "In the Name of the Father," Dr. Frankenstein's past was revealed while the crisis over the outsider was handled. Hook and Belle were both hospital bound to deal with their injuries. Regina remained in isolation until her mother, Cora, found her and acted like a changed woman. Storybrooke residents were collectively dealing with a variety of tragedies.

Soon-To-Be Dead Man

Gold may have listened to Belle and spared Hook's life on the boat, but Hook's retaliation ended the tenuous truce. After hurting Rumple by taking "his heart," death would be too painless of a punishment.

Hook is safe ... for now. He's protected in the hospital and Gold is preoccupied with finding Bael. But, he'll have to face his nemesis at some point and that won't be pretty, especially since Belle continued to push Gold away. Belle breaking the cup crushed Gold's heart all over again.

More than Just Fairy Tale Characters?

When Dr. Whale was first outed as Dr. Frankenstein, it wasn't necessarily a surprise given the storyline, but the inclusion of that character in the Once Upon a Time world was confusing. Frankenstein was not a fairy tale character and didn't live in Fairy Tale Land.

His mention of "earth" and Rumple's appearance in the flashback further demonstrated the disconnect between his world and Fairy Tale Land. So, when Henry mentioned that Frankenstein's story isn't in his book, it became more curious. Who else could have been affected by the curse?

Dr. Frankenstein Revealed

In the flashback, we found out what that Frankenstein's father didn't appreciate his work, his brother was killed due to him, and he brought his brother back to life. His brother then killed their father. He was surrounded by death.

In Storybrooke, Whale was apprehensive to work on the outsider because of his past and what happened when he tried to resurrect Daniel. Ruby was just the right person to help him through it, since she ate her boyfriend back in Fairy Tale Land. She was able to overcome that, so he could overcome his past.

The Outsider - Greg Mendel

The Storybrooke residents were afraid of what would happen if an outsider arrived in town and then it happened. And, not only did Greg show up, but Gold used magic in front of him. That has the potential to be disastrous for the town.

Instead of killing him, Emma insisted they find out if he saw anything at all. When he woke up, she asked him about the crash and what he saw. He never mentioned anything about seeing Gold use magic, so Emma thought they were in the clear and let the other's know.
But, Greg lied, he did see something, but what did he see?

Also, who is Greg Mendel? Now that we know non-fairy book characters were affected by the curse, could he be Gregory Mendel, the scientist? Or, could his Star Wars Theme ring tone be a clue? I guess he could always just turn out to be a normal person that happened to show up in town, but that wouldn't be any fun.

What's Up With Cora?

When we last saw Cora she wanted to break her daughter, what the heck happened to make her want to right their relationship? At first Regina was hesitant to believe her mother. She just wanted Cora to come clean about killing Archie, so that Henry, Emma and "the two idiots" wouldn't hate her.

But, by the end, Regina seemed to want her mother's help to get Henry back. Is Regina that willing to forgive her mother in the hope of getting her son back? Cora has to have ulterior motives. What is her plan?

Quest for Bael

Cora not only seemed to want to help Regina, but she actually helped Gold. She gave him a magical globe to help him locate his son, Bael. In return, Cora wanted to close the deal with a kiss. What? That will be an interesting flashback.

After using the globe, Gold cashed in his favor from Emma. She's to accompany him on the search. A Gold-Emma road trip will be quite entertaining to watch!

Do you think Cora is up to something evil? Will Gold kill Hook? What does Greg know?

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