'Once Upon a Time' Recap: Snow and Emma Get Closer to Storybrooke
'Once Upon a Time' Recap: Snow and Emma Get Closer to Storybrooke
Carla Day
Carla Day
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Enemies worked together on Once Upon a Time's "Into the Deep," but they weren't for unselfish motives. Whenever Regina, Rumple, or Cora are involved, they are playing some angle. And, after his most recent antics, it looks like Hook may be added to that list ... maybe.

It's all about the quest to get to Storybrooke. Cora and Hook want to get revenge on Rumple, while Snow and Emma want to return to their family. When the time comes, will Aurora and Mulan tag along? Or, will they remain in Fairy Tale Land? At this point, I don't really care about either character, so they can remain behind with little loss.

The Fiery Room 

Henry and Aurora met in the sleeping spell room, but weren't able to get their message communicated. All seemed lost when Aurora was snatched by Cora and neither Regina nor Charming wanted to risk Henry's health to have him return. Yet, both sides were determined to communicate through the room and found another way. 

Charming was willing to risk his life for his wife and daughter. Regina and Rumple put aside their differences to help him. Though, their assistance was not selfless at all. They both wanted to impress the one they love, Henry and Belle, respectively. Plus, they wanted to do whatever they could to make sure Cora never landed in Storybrooke.

Snow also was willing to risk her life to connect with Henry to find a way home. Charming and Snow were both surprised to find the other in the fiery room. He was able to give Snow the message, but they weren't able to kiss to break the sleeping spell. Their parting was heartbreaking to watch, but when Snow makes it back to Storybrooke it will be another epic reunion. It better be!

Who is Hook Scamming?

It's not clear yet, whether Hook is on Cora or Emma's side. Most likely he's on neither side and is just planting the seed with both of them so he can partner with either one to get to Storybrooke. It's actually quite a brilliant plan. He released Aurora to gain favor with Emma and then used the princess's heart to help Cora. At this point, he's in the middle.

While Hook is a slimy character, he does seem to have some good in him. I'd love to see him get to Storybrooke since he has wicked chemistry with Emma.

Snow versus Mulan

Would Snow have killed Mulan to get the compass back? I'm not sure, though if it absolutely came down to Mulan's life and never seeing Charming and Henry again -- definitely. Mulan showed her loyalty to Aurora which was honorable, but it went against what made sense.

It was fortuitous that Aurora showed up when she did, so Snow didn't have to make that decision. Emma and Snow definitely have the lead position in the foursome. Though, with the Aurora heart twist (if Hook really took her's), what will that mean for their quest?

Will They Get Out Of Storybrooke?

Next week is the winter finale, will Regina and Rumple continue to work together to bring Snow and Emma back? Or, would they prefer the women remained back in Fairy Tale Land? If I had a choice, I definitely want Emma, Snow, and Hook back. And, while I hate Cora, her presence in Storybrooke would shake things up!

Who do you want to see make it to Storybrooke?

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