'Once Upon a Time' Recap: Mommie Dearest
'Once Upon a Time' Recap: Mommie Dearest
Jilliane Johnson
Jilliane Johnson
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Brace yourselves because tonight is THE night. Yes, not only is it Sunday, but on Once Upon a Time we will finally learn the motives behind The Evil Queen's dirty, nasty actions towards cute and innocent Snow White!

Mary Margaret is prosecuted by District Attorney Albert Spence as Sheriff Emma Swan continues to fight for her friend's justice. All the while, the story of Regina's loathing towards Snow White is revealed along with the struggle she suffers between betraying her mother Cora (played by Barbara Hershey) and living a lavish life by marrying royalty. Bailee Madison (Brothers, Don't Be Afraid of the Dark) also guest stars as Young Snow White.

ONE WEEK AGO ... Regina stands in her lavish office, holding a gold ring when Mr. Gold walks in. "If you want to inflict pain, then you must inflict pain," he says, referring to Mary Margaret. If she is framed for something that happens to Kathryn, then she'll be incarcerated, and then if she decides to try and leave town ... well, "we all know what happens to people who try and leave Storybrooke."

Young Regina rides her horse and her father looks on approvingly. All is well until her mother Cora walks up, clad in a black cloak. She criticizes everything her daughter does; nothing is good enough. Daniel, the stable boy, tries to interject, yet is told to take the horse away. Before Regina can walk in the opposite direction, Cora uses magic to levitate her daughter into the air and bind her with belts until she agrees to do as she says. She drops to the ground and runs to the stable where she apologizes to Daniel and kisses him passionately.

Emma walks out of Granny's Diner and is met by David who wants to talk about Mary Margaret. Nice to know he's so invested, but Emma has more to do than just talk.

Mary Margaret lies in her cot and is startled by Regina's voice. She's sitting outside the cell bars, staring at her like a weirdo. In her best evil voice, she whispers that everything will be done for her, basically. "What did I ever do to make you hate me so much?" MM asks.

Young Regina rides off into the open field to meet Daniel. He wants her to tell her parents about their romantic relationship, but she's too scared that her mother is so powerful. "True love is the most powerful magic. It can overcome anything." Just then, a young girl screams nearby as her horse runs uncontrollably by. Regina chases her down and helps her from the spooked horse. Oddly, she encourages the young girl to get back up and try it again. "I'm Regina," she says. "I'm Snow ... Snow White," replies the girl.

MM sits in her cell and Emma questions Mr. Gold about a pre-trial hearing. He suggests Mary Margaret cooperates with the District Attorney. Sidney Glass enters and interrupts the conversation by bringing in some flowers to "brighten up the place." Emma skips off to the side to speak to Sidney, asking him if he's found out anything. He's still looking. Sidney leaves. MM announces that she'll work with the DA and not even a breath later, Albert Spencer, also known as Prince Charming's father, King George, enters followed by Madame Mayor.

Emma and Regina stand on either side of the one-way mirror, overlooking the interrogation. The DA delivers blow after heavy blow and MM begins to lose her cool. She ends up giving in: "Sure, I wanted her gone ... Is that what you want to hear?" The DA grins. Mr. Gold sighs and turns his head. An evil scowl appears on Regina's face.

Young Regina prepares for her riding lesson with Daniel when Cora walks in and changes her outfit with a poof of smoke. The king is coming over; the girl whom she saved is his daughter. The king enters and expresses his heartfelt gratitude to Regina. And then, here's the doozy, he kneels and presents a ring in proposal. Cora answers, "yes." What a cow.

Regina frantically enters the stable looking for Daniel. She explains everything to him and, like a gentleman, he admits that life with a stable boy is nothing like that of royalty. She doesn't care; she wants him. He presents her with a ring and places it on her finger. Snow White creeps in and finds the two lovers in a passionate embrace and, with tears in her eyes, she runs away. "Snow!" Regina runs after her.

I don't want to laugh, but Snow falls AGAIN on the dark road. Regina comes and kneels next to her and answers her questions about Daniel and her father, King Leopold. "I don't love him," she says. She's young and she doesn't understand, of course. "Love ... creates happiness." Snow gets the point, but then wants to run off to tell her father. Hold on, child! Regina asks her to keep everything they talked about a secret, most of all from Cora. "I promise."

Emma sits at the harbor looking at Henry's storybook when August walks up and sits next to her. She's hit what he calls "writer's block." August suggests rereading what she's already gone over and possibly gaining a new perspective. A light-bulb goes off and they make a visit to the toll bridge where the heart was found. August suddenly gets a cramp or something, preventing him from walking right and he doesn't care for Emma to check for him. She finds a shard in the hole where the box was found. It has to be from the shovel used to plant the box and we all know who the number one suspect is!

Little Henry pretends to be sleeping as Regina hops in the shower. He grabs a walkie-talkie and signals to Emma that the coast is clear. She and August find the key under the mat and make their way into the mansion. Down in the basement, they investigate old-school style with flashlights for something that could complete the puzzle. Suddenly, DING, DING, DING! Emma finds the shovel that is missing a corner. "We got her," she says. August peers on as if very satisfied with the sheriff's performance.

Young Snow peers up at gorgeous flowers as Cora walks over with some awkward conversation. It's all a setup to get Snow to answer questions. "I'd do anything to make her happy," she lies. Then she brings up Snow's dead mother, trying to gain sympathy points so the two can somehow relate to a mother-daughter relationship on the rocks. Just like in that meeting with the DA, Snow caves and coughs up ALL the details.

Madame Mayor answers her door to Sheriff Swan, who holds a search warrant and the evidence that can prove Regina guilty. They enter the garage and to Emma's dismay, the shovel is gone. "You knew I was coming..." Emma looks so exhausted. Regina inches closer, in perfect Evil Queen strides, and stresses that Mary Margaret "will pay for what she has done."

Emma Swan nervously knocks on August's room at Granny's Bed and Breakfast. She accuses him of lying. "I'm not a liar." Should we hold this as a hint as to who he is?

"You'll be sent out of Storybrooke and I will never have to see you again," Regina is not holding back on MM. The poor girl is yelling and in tears as she apologizes with everything in her. Regina's face lights up on the other side of those bars. "I didn't kill Kathryn!" Regina caresses her tear stained face. "Oh, I know. But you do deserve this." With that, she walks off. I LOVE to hate this woman!

Young Regina runs into the stable, ready to run off with Daniel. They exit the doors hand in hand when Cora appears before them. "You could have least said goodbye." She sends them flying back into the stable. Regina fights the good fight and stands up to her mother, making her believe that Daniel makes her happy. "Then who am I to stop you?" They hug and then Cora walks over to Daniel to instill in him some advice. "You always have to do what's best for your children." She reaches into his chest and pulls out his heart, crushing it into dust. "Love is weakness, Regina." And after that, she expects her mourning daughter to clean up and become queen!

Young Regina stands in her gorgeous, sparkly wedding dress as her maids tend to it. Snow walks up in admiration and, ONCE AGAIN, lets the cat out of the bag. She wishes happiness to her and Daniel. Regina steps down and shoos away her maids and asks Snow what she did. "I didn't want you to lose your mother like I lost mine." Regina turns her head in pure hurt then turns back to her, looking like a doll of sorts. She's put on that Evil Queen glow. She didn't love Daniel; she's marrying King Leopold and they're all going to be a family now. They share a very awkward hug.

Cora walks over and tells Snow to scurry along and admires how quickly Regina is catching on. Wait, did Cora know that the King was coming through that day and that Snow's horse went rogue. "I should have let her die on that horse," she says through gritted teeth.

Officers handcuff Mary Margaret and escort her from her cell and Emma looks on painfully. She walks over to Mr. Gold, upset with the situation. He says something about using magic and walks off with a plan in mind. Still upset, Emma steps into her office and tosses the vase of flowers at her file cabinet. Something catches her eye in the debris. The flowers were bugged!

August walks out of Granny's and meets the sheriff on the steps. She apologizes for blaming him and shows him the bug Sidney used. The conversation is cut short when a scream is heard around the building. They run over to find Ruby shell-shocked. "She's in the alley." A dirty-clothed body lies in the middle of the back parking lot. Emma turns her over to find Kathryn! She's alive!

Alright, who here has ideas about August? I don't know that I should state my theory for fear of being seriously wrong. So I want to hear what you guys have to say! Is he good? Is he evil? How is it that he's able to move in and out of Storybrooke? I'm pretty sure the answers are right around the corner.

Next time on Once Upon a Time, the story gets even darker. Mr. Gold fears for his own life as more of Rumpelstiltskin's story is revealed, and it looks as though August plays a key part. He holds the magic dagger. Tune in to ABC at 8pm on Sunday, April 22.

Jilliane Johnson
Contributing Writer

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