'Once Upon a Time' Recap: Storybrooke Rewritten
'Once Upon a Time' Recap: Storybrooke Rewritten
Jilliane Johnson
Jilliane Johnson
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Sunday has come once again. Yes, we must all awake tomorrow morning to the hustle and bustle of real life woes and worries, working our way through to the next weekend. Then again, there are still a few hours left of relaxation, so what a better way to spend it in the land of Storybrooke in Once Upon a Time.

Last week, viewers learned of love lost through the eyes of Mr. Gold/Rumpelstiltskin. Ironically enough, the joke was on him, as in the last shot we find that Belle (Emilie de Ravin) is being kept under lock and key of the psych ward. Tonight, the fight for love will take forefront with David/Prince Charming going against the odds to win the heart of Mary Margaret/Snow White.

Our story reopens with the arrival of Princess Abigail to the kingdom of King George, Prince Charming's father. His Majesty wears the "all is well" face like a pro before telling his knights to "find him." Charming is on his horse, racing through the forest, out of the guards' reach. They lose him and he looks quite pleased.

David sits at dinner across from Kathryn. "I've applied to law school," she says. It looks as if she's planning a life for them in Boston. He smiles, but it's obvious he's hesitant.

I spoke too soon; the guards caught the prince. They save his life for Abigail and she confesses that she knows his secret: "You love someone else." She doesn't want to harm him; she wants to help him escape. Turns out she doesn't want to marry him either. Seriously didn't see that one coming!

David is still on the fence, even with Mary Margaret. She wants to tell his wife everything, but he just doesn't know. Well, I know! Listen to the cuter of the two, being Ginnifer Goodwin, and tell your wife the truth. "I choose you," he says to M.M. Stand by it, Charming!

At Granny's Diner, "The Stranger" is still looking to grab a drink with Sheriff Swan. She says that she's not one to meet with a man who she doesn't know what his name is. "It's August ... August W. Boothe." The W stands for Wayne. I think I liked "The Stranger" better.

Inside, M.M. waits for her roommate. Emma already knows that she's gone behind the town's back to see a married man. "When I first met you, you were a top button kind of girl," says Emma on her new plunging necklines. Their relationship is so cute while not knowing their true relationship.

Kathryn is gung-ho about school and moving to Boston and David throws a wrench into the conversation. "You need a fresh start, just not with me." He is STILL leaving out the real reason!

Abigail leads Charming to a far enough off place in the woods. She confesses her heart belongs to "Frederick." Charming is still under the impression that Snow feels nothing for him, so he's being pretty difficult to deal with. She leads him to a golden statue of a soldier. "I've never seen anything so lifelike." Well, during battle, Frederick stepped in the way of her father King Midas. His curse turned him to gold; the statue is the real man. That sucks! Don't fret, though. There is a known magical water that should bring the fallen soldier back to life. Charming will give Abigail her happiness.

August is steadily working in his makeshift printing room. It looks as if he is taking apart Henry's beloved storybook and making alterations. August W. Boothe is rewriting the fairy tales!

Madame Mayor hands over a handheld game to her adopted son, Henry. This is supposed to make up for the lost book? Yeah, right! Kathryn steps in and cries that David is leaving her. Of course, being in everyone's business, Regina blurts out that it's all Mary Margaret's fault. Kathryn has no idea, but that doesn't keep her from stating, "They've been having an affair." All too easily does she present photographs of stolen kisses between the secret lovers. She claims she did it in the name of friendship. Well, sorry, but you've just lost another pawn in your corner.

Abigail and Charming reach a shrine to the monster of the lake. It begins...

Mary Margaret receives a call at school from David. They'll talk in person soon, but not before Kathryn comes storming in, knocking into an innocent yet good looking bystander. Before M.M. can figure out what's going on, she's slapped in front of students and peers. It comes to her attention that David's lied to the both of them. "Good luck making it work. You two deserve each other." Kathryn turns and walks out.

Charming makes his way to the lake and hears a strange noise; he draws his sword. From the water emerges a woman wearing a crown and a beautiful gown. As she hovers, she speaks, "I'm here."

August pulls up on his motorcycle outside of Granny's Diner, enticing Emma to hop aboard. She keeps making excuses until Granny gives her best line to date: "If you don't, I will." Emma shrugs it off and hops on. They end up at a waterhole with "magical properties." Legend has it that if you drink the water from the well, "something lost will be returned to you." Bottoms up! They drink.

Mary Margaret walks through town, receiving looks of judgement. With a bump from Granny, she hears, "You should be ashamed."

The woman walks across the water to Charming, "I can be whatever you want me to be." She's a siren. With just the raising of her arms, she assumes the identity of Snow White. They kiss and she leads him more and more to the center of the lake. He realizes "this isn't true love" too late and is pulled deep into the water where seaweed wraps around his ankle. Somehow, there's a knife just in arm's reach. As the siren kisses him once again, he stabs her and swims to safety.

"Tramp" is written on David's truck in bold red letters. Mary Margaret walks up as he tries desperately to scrub it away. "I didn't want anyone to get hurt," he says. Whatever! "David, this isn't love ... What we have is destructive and it has to stop." She cuts it off right then and there. The tears fall from both their eyes, but you did it to yourself, pal.

As Emma wipes the fallen leaves from her car, she notices the box with Henry's storybook inside tucked under her rear tire. August looks on from afar.

Kathryn, who is apparently weaker than Abigail, returns to Madame Mayor and apologizes to her for her behavior. "You can't give up so easily," says Regina as this shaken woman analyzes the loving looks in the snapshots. Perhaps I spoke too soon; Kathryn is sticking to her guns and continuing her move to Boston ... alone. She's also written a letter to David, saying he should be with M.M. How nice. Regina looks a bit creepy about everything, being so supportive and all.

Charming skips up to Abigail, handing over the water from the lake. She pours it over the golden "statue" of Fredrick. The gold practically melts from him as he returns to his human state. They kiss and, hey, wait a minute. It's the kid from M.M.'s school that Kathryn bumped into! What a small world! This true love event has inspired Charming to seek the love of Snow White once again.

Regina enters David and Kathryn's home. She makes a beeline for the note she left for him and places it into her bag. So much for that. Nothing comes easy in this town!

Henry sits outside of his school, playing his new video game and waiting for Regina to pick him up. Emma sits next to him and returns the storybook. "Operation Cobra is back on!" Surely, Henry realizes that the story has been altered so much as he's read the book.

Remember the scene when Charming went back to look for Snow? Well, it pops up against as Henry turns to the page. He recites the lines "I will always find her" and Red Riding Hood says that she's run off to stop his wedding; something must have gotten in her way. Just then, King George and his men charge them on their horses. Charming rides off, fleeing from them with Red holding on. Odd.

Mary Margaret lies in her bed, crying. Emma asks, "Ready to talk about it yet?" She replies, "No." They lay side by side, Emma simply keeping her company.

Kathryn is on her way to Boston, but Regina is up to something. As Madame Mayor tosses the note to David in the fire, Frederick, also known as "The kid Kathryn bumped into at the school," sees a stalled car on the side of the road. He opens the car door, but there's no one to be found. Where is Kathryn?

We'll have to learn the answers two weeks from now. Once Upon a Time will return after the Oscar buzz as Sheriff Swan interrogates all of Storybrooke for anyone who may know details on Kathryn's sudden disappearance. Tune in on March 4 at 8pm on ABC.

Jilliane Johnson
Contributing Writer

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