'Once Upon a Time': 5 Reasons to Be Excited that 'Frozen' Has Come to Storybrooke
'Once Upon a Time': 5 Reasons to Be Excited that 'Frozen' Has Come to Storybrooke
Gina Vaynshteyn
Gina Vaynshteyn
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
I'm not going to lie. I just watched Frozen last weekend, which was pretty ironic considering my city has been experiencing a wicked heatwave. Southern California could use a Queen Elsa, that's for sure. Shortly after I finally shook "Let it Go" from my head, I caught up with my long-time Disney love, ABC's Once Upon a Time and was happily shocked by the last few minutes of the season 3 finale. Maid Marian isn't the only Disney character Emma and Hook accidentally brought back. It looks like The Snow Queen (AKA Queen Elsa) has been released from Rumplestiltskin's vase and is making use of some long-overdue, icy powers. What's in store for Storybrooke now?

If you've seen Frozen, then you already know Queen Elsa is just a little bit misunderstood. In other versions of the fairy tale, The Snow Queen isn't as personable. Hans Christian Andersen's original myth depicted the queen as cold hearted and kind of mean. In the story, she basically kidnaps a little boy named Kai, and takes him to her ice palace. Times goes by, and villagers believe Kai drowned in a river, but his sister Gerda believes no such thing. So, she and a feisty robber girl and her reindeer (whom she meets on her way) venture to The Snow Queen's lair and rescue Kai. So yeah, Disney took some liberties with Frozen, but what does that mean for OUAT? Will The Snow Queen be bitter that her boy-toy who was taken so long ago? Was she banished at some point? 

Here are some predictions:

1. Queen Elsa/The Snow Queen is Looking for a Little Boy to Replace Kai

Guess who that little boy must be? Perhaps Henry, but I'm starting to lose patience with how many times that kid gets into trouble. If I were a writer for the show (are you reading this, ABC? hint hint!) I would actually use Robin Hood's adorable son as the Queen's bait. She kidnaps him, whisks him away to her secret palace, and it's up to Regina to save him, because how else is she going to compete with her boyfriend's dead-now-alive wife? 

2.The Snow Queen Turns Storybrooke into Frozenbrooke!

Not sure what this would mean, since the East Coast is known for getting pretty chilly in the winter anyway, but maybe this would be no ordinary snow. Perhaps this mega Polar Vortex will bring the Wicked Witch back and start freezing innocent Storybrooke victims until the Snow Queen gets what she wants (and at this point, who knows!).

3. Queen Elsa is ACTUALLY Evil Dorothy

Alright. This is a stretch for sure. But we don't actually know what happened to Dorothy, do we? All we know is that Zelena disposed of her. Maybe she ended up going back in time to the Enchanted Forest, and grew bitter about being away from home. Now she's back and quite wrathful.

4. Queen Elsa Wants to Take Over Storybrooke Because That's What Evil Queens Do

Queen Elsa may have been locked away in an antique for quite awhile, but now all she wants is a town she can call her own. I'm thinking Regina may have an issue or two with this.

5. Queen Elsa/The Snow Queen is Actually a Cool Lady Who Just Wants to Hang Out

I mean, this is doubtful, since Rumple had her safely compressed, but you never know. In Frozen, Queen Elsa is super nice. Perhaps they'll follow her Disney persona and provide Emma and crew with a new benevolent hero to finally defeat Zelena. 

Regardless of how Queen Elsa will be presented in Once Upon a Time season 4, I'm still super excited, as are executive producers Edward Kitsis and Adam Horotwitz. 

In an interview, Kitsis and Horowitz stated, "We fell in love with the movie Frozen when we saw it. It is something that ever since we saw it would gnaw at us, 'Is there a way to fit it into our world?' And we cooked up a way to do it. We pitched the studio and the network, and they were kind enough to say, 'Go do it.'"

When asked about the nature of the new queen, they said, "The thing we love about Elsa is she is a character that is perceived to be a villain but is clearly misunderstood, and that goes to the heart of our show."

I mean, if ABC's Once Upon a Time had an alternative title, it would definitely be Villains Who Are Just Misunderstood or Have Daddy/Mommy Issues. So, can we expect a grand transformation by the middle of season four? Will any of my predictions come true? We'll just have to find out in the fall. 

For fun, see the moment Queen Elsa arrives in Storybrooke one more time: 

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