Is Season 7 Too Dark for the Final Season of 'Once Upon a Time'?
Is Season 7 Too Dark for the Final Season of 'Once Upon a Time'?
Christine Petralia
Christine Petralia
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
A serial killer. Death threats. A curse that threatens someone's life. A witches' coven. These are just some of the things that have occurred during season 7 of Once Upon a Time. It seems to be this season of Once Upon a Time is pretty dark for the final season of a series. But is it too dark?

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What Makes It Dark?

In "Sisterhood," not only did the serial killer try to off another witch in the coven, but it is revealed that Drizella killed a fellow witch who may or may not be the killer's sister. When Gothel first tells Drizella to kill Gretel to prove she's worthy enough for the witches coven, she seem hesitant. In fact, she gives Gretel a whole speech about how they should just walk away and not join Gothel. She seems genuine, but since Drizella is ready to cast a curse to punish her mother, I can't really believe her. When she finally kills Gretel, she doesn't seem to show too much remorse when Gothel shows up to congratulate her.

Seems pretty dark to me. In fact, the whole coven storyline seems pretty dark to me. Witches casting spells, using others' magic to manipulate others, even killing someone to wake someone else up. The death count of season 7 seems to keep climbing, at a point in the series when things should be winding down.

Also in "Sisterhood," Drizella/Ivy makes a deal with Facilier to kill Anastasia so she can escape Hyperion Heights. Great. So not only is she running away to save herself, she's running away from a curse that she cast and isn't sticking around to fix it. Oh, and she's going to sacrifice her sister to do it. Makes me believe Drizella hasn't changed after her mother's death. In fact, she's almost more selfish. I had to laugh when she asked if Regina forgives her. Drizella has done nothing forgivable besides pout and whine about how she's alone now. She's done nothing to redeem herself. Stay and fix the curse! That's how you redeem yourself and earn forgiveness.

Rumple has been sitting back and letting things play out. He takes notice of things and intervenes when it could affect him. And while he really needed Anastasia to stick around, since she's the Guardian, he actually did something that isn't so dark -- he let her leave with her sister. Seems to me that the actual Dark One is the only one who isn't so dark this season. That is, until he makes a death threat toward Facilier, who is clearly still after his dagger. However, it's clearly warranted since he really wants to be with Belle in the afterlife, and Facilier seems to be the guy who could really stand in the way of that.

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But Is It Really Darker?

Sure, there have been deaths in previous seasons. And yes, there was an entire season devoted to villains. But for some reason, season 7 seems to be the darkest to me.

The season with the villains, though they were evil, seemed to have humor in it, as with most of the Once Upon a Time series. When Emma was the Black Swan, she showed no mercy, but she wasn't evil for that long.

I really don't remember at any point feeling like the characters were giving up or really in trouble until this season. Without magic in season 7, everyone seems helpless and sad. And I guess that's the point of the curse Drizella cast, but since half of the town isn't under the curse anymore, I think it's time to lighten up and figure out a way to break the curse. Even when everyone thought Emma was going to die at the hands of Rumple's son, for some reason, it wasn't as depressing as this season.

I hope now that Roni has some magic that she'll figure out a way quickly to break the curse without hurting Henry. I have my suspicions that the season will end on a high note with several of our favorites coming back for the finale. I just hope that they are coming back for a happy reason and not to mourn more people.

Do you think season 7 is too dark for a final season of Once Upon a Time? How do you feel about all of the death and misery surrounding this season? Do you think season 7 will end in happily ever after? Let us know in the comments below.

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