Is Romance Ahead for Regina in 'Once Upon a Time' Season 7B?
Is Romance Ahead for Regina in 'Once Upon a Time' Season 7B?
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With Emma Swan out of the picture and Regina Mills seemingly taking on a more crucial role in Once Upon a Time, the possibility of romance for the Evil Queen seems likely for the second half of season 7.

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For most of the season 7 reboot/sequel, Regina has had her hands full, from living her life as her cursed persona Ronnie to finding herself in a huge predicament: If she doesn't break the curse, Lucy will die, but if she does break the curse, Henry will die. While dating seems to be the least of her priorities, series co-creator Eddy Kitsis confirms that love is still in the cards for Regina.

"There is absolutely going to be some romance in Regina's life in the second half of the season," Kitsis revealed to TVLine.

"Regina/Roni has a lot going on in Hyperion Heights," added series co-creator Adam Horowitz. "As Gothel's plan intensifies and the spectre of the coven looms, the stakes are raised. But that doesn't mean there isn't room for romance."

Regina hasn't had the best of luck when it comes to relationships, as things didn't turn out so well with Robin and Daniel, but all hope is not lost. 

"Regina may have suffered a lot over the years, but she is nothing if not resilient," Horowitz explained. "And when her heart is stirred, she decides to explore what that means and to see what possibilities lie out there for her."

"Robin and [her first love] Daniel will always be a part of Regina," Horowitz admitted "but she knows she owes it to herself to see if she can love again."

Meanwhile, the confirmation of Regina's romance poses a bigger question: Who is Regina's new love? Both Kitsis and Horowitz wouldn't reveal his identity but Kistsis did tease, "It's an interesting relationship that we are excited for people to see."

In other news, things are looking up for Once Upon a Time despite the show drawing smaller numbers this season. ABC Entertainment president Channing Dungey revealed during TCA that "ratings have been a little bit lower on Friday than they were on Sunday, but in delayed viewing, where we were averaging a bump of about 55% before, this year's been into the triple digits, so the actual fan base really hasn't shifted very much. It's more that they've been watching more time-shifted since we've been on Friday."

While the future of the show remains uncertain, Dungey is "cautiously optimistic" about another season. 

Are you looking forward to Regina's new relationship? Who do you think is it this time? Will it be a new character or a familiar face?

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