Are So Many New Characters a Good Idea on 'Once Upon a Time'?
Are So Many New Characters a Good Idea on 'Once Upon a Time'?
Christine Petralia
Christine Petralia
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
Tiana, Jacinda, Facilier, Naveen, Gothel and so many more. Names no one on Once Upon a Time ever mentioned in seven seasons. And now that the series finale is rapidly approaching, we seem to be seeing new faces each week. Granted, season 7 is a reboot of sorts for the series, with most of the familiar characters leaving and getting their happily ever after, but it seems like it might be harder to wrap up a series with so many new characters. Is it smart to introduce them so late in the game?

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All Rules Gone

I have to be honest. I threw out all that I knew about Once Upon a Time a few seasons back. It seemed that storylines were crossing or at points even repeating themselves. Things that happened in season 1 seem to no longer matter in season 7. With the re-introduction of Dr. Facilier in "A Taste of the Heights," it seems that Regina has a past with him. In fairy tale land, they reconnect and even share a kiss. But when did this happen? She had a relationship with Robin, and then mourned him for a while. I know the Evil Queen is out there, but she got her happy ending with Robin in an alternate realm. So tell me, how are Facilier and Regina connected?

It's gotten hard to keep track of everything, especially in this season with the storyline involving Wish-Hook, Gothel, Rapunzel/Lady Tremaine and Ella. When I begin to think about how they are all connected, it makes my head hurt. And it also kind of makes me sound like a crazy person.

Alternate Realms Make It Okay

Having all of these alternate realms and fairy tale lands make all of the crazy storylines and new characters okay. When we first heard that Hook was going to be staying for season 7, all Once Upon a Time fans wondered how that would work when he and Emma lived happily ever after in season 6. So, why not introduce various realms across the lands and allow "Wish-Hook," as he's now known, to exist and seek out his own happy ending, while Emma and real Hook stay in Storybrooke.

The alternate realms are what got Henry involved in this new curse. He left Storybrooke to find his own happy ending in different versions of the stories. He ended up falling in love with Ella and creating a life with her. And he even got to have Regina and Wish-Hook there with him.

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Too Many New Faces!

The introduction of the characters from that land where Henry ended up seemed okay. But the introductions seem to never end! It seems like each week we meet a new character. I guess when the writers started fleshing out the rest of the series, maybe they thought they'd have a little bit longer than one extra season. And let's be honest, most Once Upon a Time fans know that the series should have ended with season 6. But here we are, meeting Gothel's witch friend Leota in "Secret Garden" and Prince Naveen in "A Taste of the Heights."

There are so many new characters that they've even killed off a few already. Victoria was killed at the hands of Gothel. And the doctor who had the coven tattoo on her arm was killed too. With a witch murderer in Hyperion Heights on the loose, I imagine even more characters will die. But will they be the people we know and love? Or random new faces we haven't yet had a chance to get to know?

With the end of the series nearing, it's not smart to keep introducing new characters that won't have storylines fleshed out. In the past, new characters were introduced each season, not each episode. I find it harder and harder to keep track of a show that was hard to keep track of in the first place.

Do you think there are too many new faces on Once Upon a Time? Do you think this is a good idea so close to the series finale? Do you care about these new characters, such as Tiana or Gothel? How do you think the series will end? Let us know in the comments below.

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