'Once Upon a Time in Wonderland': Cyrus and Alice's Reunion Was Anticlimactic- How ABC Should Have Done It
'Once Upon a Time in Wonderland': Cyrus and Alice's Reunion Was Anticlimactic- How ABC Should Have Done It
Gina Vaynshteyn
Gina Vaynshteyn
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
For eight weeks, we have been anxiously waiting for Cyrus and Alice's bittersweet homecoming. I'm sure Cyrus, who has been imprisoned in a hovering cage and the determined Alice feel the same way. The writers of Once Upon a Time in Wonderland have done a masterful job keeping us in suspense. Cyrus almost lost his magical wishbone when he was discovered carving it into a weapon and Alice almost didn't pass that morality test in the dark and dusty canyons in which The Red Queen pushed her. Luckily, this power couple is driven by true love and the last thing they want is to never see each other again. Cyrus escapes and Alice finds her way back to their old headquarters. And yes, they do reunite, but it was more of a letdown than celebration. 

In "Home" we discover Cyrus and Alice have a hidden love fort. Conveniently, Alice and Will couldn't rest there all this time because they needed to hurry along to find Cyrus (according to Alice). For about 30 minutes, Alice wonders if Cyrus has been captured, and Cyrus deals with The Red Queen, unsure if he should trust her or not. He gives in because he clairvoyantly figures she's not all that bad and is hiding a secret wish that actually humanizes her. 

By the time Alice reaches the fort, we wonder if The Queen genuinely wants to help Cyrus, and for a second we fear that things have gone terribly wrong (as usual). Luckily, Alice and Cyrus are on the same wavelength and they both show up at their secret spot. The two run toward each other, embrace, and Alice says, "I thought I would never see you again!" like so many lovelorn fairytale characters before her. 

Was it sweet? Yes. I've been rooting for Alice and Cyrus since day one (well, okay, I secretly wanted Alice to fall in love with The Knave because Michael Socha has the cutest puppy-dog eye, ever) and the last thing I would want is to see is them torn apart for even longer. Back in season one of the show's predecessor, Once Upon a Time, I cringed every time Snow and Charming didn't realize they were married and in love in their other lifetime. I'm not a fan of separated couples, as you can maybe tell.

Was it well-played? Not as much as I had hoped. Cyrus and Alice share a passionate reunion kiss, but it is short lived because The Queen is the biggest cock block in all the land. I mean, why can't she let go of her evil swagger at least for a few minutes? Cyrus reveals she is actually there to help (not ruin everything), but Alice is suspicious because she has every right to be. The next seven minutes are extremely stressful.  The Red Queen begins begging everyone to escape, confessing to Will she wants him back. Will, in return, is extremely dubious. These newly revealed emotions take over Alice and Cyrus's relationship, shoving them out of the spotlight. Jafar, who realizes he has been duped by The Queen, sends a malicious thunder cloud (that suspiciously looks like Lost's Smoke Monster) to kill The Queen,  and while the group debates what their next move is, booming thunder lets us know there is less and less time for a happy ending. 

4 Alternative Ways in Which the Show Writers Could Have Celebrated Cyrus and Alice Finding Each Other:

1. First of all, Cyrus and Alice should have been able to make out in peace. Give them at least an un-eventful hour where they can catch up.

2. Alice and Cyrus could have run into each other pretending to be other people. They could have been trying to disguise themselves to stay safe and ironically found each other that way. Honestly, I just love dramatic irony. 

3. The Caterpillar could have had a change of heart and magically brought the two together with some kind of cool Wonderland gadget.

4. Cyrus should have stolen Jafar's Magic Carpet and flew to Alice. He already looks like Aladdin anyway. 

Although I really wanted a more lengthy reunion between Cyrus and Alice (maybe the two could have shared what they have been up to the last year) the cliffhanger for the second part of the season was well done. With The Knave's new role as Genie, I almost forgot how hasty Cyrus and Alice's homecoming was. Well, here's to what 2014 may bring with Once Upon a Time in Wonderland!

All new episodes of OUATIW return March 6 on ABC.

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