'Once Upon a Time in Wonderland' Recap: Game Changer
'Once Upon a Time in Wonderland' Recap: Game Changer
Josie Rhodes Cook
Josie Rhodes Cook
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On tonight's episode of Once Upon a Time in Wonderland, quite a few "pieces" on the chessboard of Wonderland change places, and more than one very special reunion takes place.

The episode opens to a flashback of Alice and Cyrus looking at the stars. After Cyrus literally makes the stars fall for Alice, she discovers a compass he's kept on his person. She questions whether it was a gift from another girl, and, in fact it was. That girl just so happened to be Cyrus' mother. 

This is a shocker to Alice, who didn't know genies had mothers, and Cyrus reveals that his mother was human, just as he used to be. But his human life was a long time ago, and since his compass, which is supposed to point the way to his mother, is not working, he doesn't know of her current fate. Poor Cyrus.

But their happy conversation doesn't last long; soon after this discussion, a few men show up to try to steal Cyrus away to use his genie abilities. Alice and Cyrus take them down swiftly, but not without a cost: Alice was gravely injured, and Cyrus must find help, and fast.

Cyrus is Captured

In present-day Wonderland, Alice and Will hide in the woods while guards search for Cyrus. But Alice knows where he will be headed now that he's escaped, and when the scene changes to Cyrus running through the woods instead, it does look like he's headed to the Outlands as she predicted, but he gets caught in a trap and ends up hanging from a tree instead. Oops.

One of the Ziggy Stardust tweedles magically hears Cyrus' capture, but before he can tell the Queen, he spots his brother meeting Jafar and giving him a box. So he goes to the Queen and tells her of what he heard and saw, before she orders him out of the room. After he leaves, she gets out a box, opens it, and finds nothing in it. Looks like the bottle she had in there has gone missing!

To Trust or Not to Trust

Alice and Will make a stop at the White Rabbit's house, and Will questions Alice's decision to ask him for help. She wants him to get her, Will, and Cyrus out of Wonderland, but Will understandably doesn't trust him. 

Alice explains that he was a friend once, and the show flashes back again to Cyrus seeking help for an injured Alice. He went to the White Rabbit's house, and his wife had the ability to heal Alice, so Alice has more of a reason to want to believe in the Rabbit again than Will does, I suppose.

In the present, the Queen finds Cyrus, puts him in her carriage, and takes him away. What does she have in store for the captured genie?

Jafar's Rage

Meanwhile, Jafar has three bottles in his possession. But he quickly realizes one of the bottles is fake, and dude is pissed. He smashes it and throws a tantrum, and apparently decides to head to the Queen's castle soon after, because he eventually ends up there and takes a strand of the Queen's hair from her hairbrush. Tsk tsk, she should know better than to leave that sort of thing out!

Oh, also, he destroys the palace after he flies out of it on his fancy magic carpet. But what about the tweedles?!

The Rabbit and the Wagon 

Eventually Alice and Will find the White Rabbit in his house, where he's all melancholy about his awful betrayal and all. When Alice explains that she needs his help, he in turn explains why he betrayed Alice in the first place: the Queen has his wife and children, and he would do anything to save them. Sounds like maybe Alice can relate.

Alice offers to rescue the White Rabbit's family, and despite his reluctance, Will offers his assistance with his knowledge of knowing where Anastasia, rather than the Queen, would've hidden the Rabbit's family. 

The Queen and Cyrus end up at Will and Anastasia's old wagon, where she has a bunch of stuff from her old life. She finds the real third bottle there, before they head out to find Alice. Later, while she watches her palace burn, she gives Cyrus the choice of allowing them to find Alice, or letting Jafar do so instead. 

Return of the Caterpillar

Back in the flashback, the Rabbit informs Cyrus that Alice will be fine, this time. He lectures Cyrus a bit about making Alice's life dangerous, but Cyrus argues that they chose that life together. But the White Rabbit warns him that the best way to protect his love might be to let her go, which, yeah, just a bit cliche. 

So Cyrus decides to go to the Caterpillar for assistance in protecting Alice. Cyrus heard he can make people "disappear," and in exchange for helping he and Alice to do so, he offers the Caterpillar his compass, or rather his Lost and Found. Apparently, it points you to anything you've lost in your life, which adds a new layer to the mama drama, and the Caterpillar agrees to help. 

Reunion and Revenge

Will, Alice, and the White Rabbit end up at the old wagon, and Will says no one ever bothers to look inside when they see the shabby exterior, so it's a perfect place to hide things. Sure enough, he finds the Rabbit's family inside, and they joyfully reunite outside as Alice and Will look on. 

I have to say, that was way too easy, and really not the most dramatic payoff for that storyline. But anyway, the Rabbit tells his family he has promised to help Alice, so they head for the Outlands once more. 

Also, the Queen and Cyrus bond in a weird way when he tells her he can tell she has a secret. As a genie for many years, apparently he's learned how to "read people," and he can apparently see beyond her constantly teary eyes to the tortured soul that lies beneath, or something. 

Back to Jafar, who is making some sort of potion or concoction with the Queen's hair, which he puts a large glass over. And I swear, for a minute I thought the rose from Beauty and the Beast was about to be incorporated in this show, but instead, a dark cloud plumes under the glass dome instead. He sends this cloud, which I guess contains a nasty storm, after the Queen and orders it to kill her. So, that sucks for her. 

The Gift

In a flashback, the Caterpillar's gift is revealed: after Cyrus tells Alice she'll never be safe with him and she freaks out a little bit about him leaving her, he shows her a secret, hidden "home" that they can make their own. It's invisible on the outside, so it's perfect to keep them safe. And...why hasn't she been using this magic place to hide out in all this time? At least at night?

Cyrus tells Alice the Caterpillar gave it to them, and she knows he had to pay for it, but he tells her he would sacrifice anything for her. Then he says something about sacrifice being the ultimate measure of love, and I think I'm supposed to find it cute, but instead I think it's creepy and weird. Just me?

In the present, the trio heads to this secret home, and Alice and Will go in. Will is also confused about why they haven't utilized that space all along, because he's always been my favorite anyway. Alice is all sad Cyrus isn't there, but then she looks out the window and sees him approaching. 

The lovers embrace, and kiss, etc. etc, but the moment is ruined when the Queen pops up behind Lover Boy. So much for that moment we've only been waiting for all season!

The Queen's Secret

Cyrus swears the Queen is there to help them, but everyone else is, of course, skeptical. The Queen warns them that the approaching storm is from Jafar and that they need to get out of there before it arrives and screws everything up royally. She claims she's no longer partnered with him and no longer playing his game, but Alice and Will do not trust her. 

We then find out that the reason the Queen teamed up with Jafar to change the laws of magic was to win Will back. If she could change the laws, she could go back in time, to a time when they still loved each other. She admits she made a mistake when Will is having none of her drama, and gets desperate when no one will listen to her warning or believe her.

The Queen freezes Alice when she moves to take the bottle from the Queen, and she screams at them that they have to leave ASAP. Cyrus, who, you remember, knew she had a secret all along, trusts her and believes her story about wanting Will back. Finally, Alice tells the Rabbit to dig his hole, and it looks like they might escape after all. 

The Knave's Move

But of course, all is not well, and the approaching storm attacks Will. Alice collapses as well, and we are reminded of Alice's first wish: if the Knave dies, she dies too. Cyrus pleads with her to save herself with her last wish, but she refuses. 

Will reminds them that Alice promised him the third wish if he helped her find Cyrus, and that he wants to use it then. Cyrus warns him to choose his wish carefully, so what does he wish for? To end Alice's suffering. Personally, I feel like that could have gone very badly, as in, permanently ending her suffering, but what do I know?

So Alice is saved, and when she sits up, she and Cyrus realize that Cyrus' genie binds are gone. Cyrus being free, and Alice being free to be with him, is part of the whole end-of-her-suffering thing, so, yay! But as with every wish, this one comes with a cost; Will has disappeared, much to everyone's dismay. He wakes up, which is a relief, but where he wakes up is the issue. 

As part of the wish, Will took Cyrus' place as a genie, and with a quick "Ah, bloody Hell," his bottle falls over a raging waterfall, and we fall into a long winter hiatus until the next episode of Once Upon a Time in Wonderland in March 2014!

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