Olympics 2012: Song from Olympics Soundtrack Hits #1 on iTunes [Listen]
Olympics 2012: Song from Olympics Soundtrack Hits #1 on iTunes [Listen]
At the Olympics, we all want to find out who's going to earn the gold, silver and bronze medals. But it's not just the athletes who are finding success, as we've just found out. American Idol winner Phillip Phillips' song "Home" was used to introduce the US women's gymnastics during coverage on Sunday and Tuesday, and with that stellar exposure, "Home" leapt to the #1 spot on iTunes.

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"Home" was the perfect song choice in this case. The lyrics are supremely fitting. "Settle down, it'll all be clear," Phillips sings. "Don't pay no mind to the demons, they fill you will fear." Clearly, these girls had to be fearless to flip through the air and land on the terrifying balance beam. It was that focus and confidence, coupled with physical prowess, that won them the gold on Tuesday.

"Home" is also a sweet song about emotional support. "Just know you're not alone; I'm gonna make this place your home," the lyrics go. No doubt, Jordyn Wieber is thankful for the teammates who helped lift her to gold-medal status yesterday. (Listen to the song play during the Olympics below.)

Nothing adds drama and excitement to a show better than a great soundtrack (and a standout song from a soundtrack can even make its mark on the charts, as we saw with "Home"), and the London Olympics is no exception. I'm sure a few songs have caught your ear during the NBC coverage. Besides "Home," here are a few others from the Olympics soundtrack that caught mine -- inspiring, dramatic, quirky and fun songs in equal helpings.

Muse: "Survival"

"Survival" begins with a full minute of dramatic, over-the-top synthy splendor, perfect for a massive event with a world audience. With lyrics like "I'm gonna win, and I'll light the fuse, and I'll never lose," it's no wonder the song was chosen as the official song of the Games. (Plus, Muse is a British band, formed in Devonshire.) Rolling Stone reported that "Survival" will play before medal ceremonies and as athletes enter stadiums before a competition.

Leftover Cuties: "Smile Big"

This quirky tune appears in the Samsung Olympics commercial, which features athletes passing a digital torch through the streets of New York City using their cell phones. "Smile Big" encourages listeners to "make your dreams come alive" and "shine, boy, spread your light." It's tough not to smile when these cuties are playing!

Sia: "Breathe Me"

NBC has used Australian pop star Sia's hit "Breathe Me" in commercials for their Olympic coverage. Lyrically, it doesn't quite fit with the spirit of the Olympics. (It's a dark song, for sure.) Musically, though, the piano holds a haunting beauty and drama that aptly sets the mood. The Games are fun, but they're also serious business for the athletes who've worked their whole lives to win gold.

Mark Ronson Featuring Katy B: "Anywhere in the World"

English producer Mark Ronson and singer Katy B teamed up to make this upbeat pop song, which was chosen by Coca-Cola as their official Olympic song. With a title like "Anywhere in the World," it's obviously an ideal choice for an international sporting competition.

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