2014 Sochi Olympics: 5 Reasons Why You Should Root for Figure Skater Ashley Wagner
2014 Sochi Olympics: 5 Reasons Why You Should Root for Figure Skater Ashley Wagner
Eva Des Lauriers
Eva Des Lauriers
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
In what is arguably the most popular event at the Winter Games, the final Ladies' Figure Skating event is tonight (Feb. 20) and Team USA will be front and center. While she may not be as technically proficient as Gracie Gold, Ashley Wagner is a self-described "sultry skater" with a lot of attitude, sass and brings something new to the sport. Here are all the reasons to root for her during the final event tonight at 8pm on NBC.

1. She is Not Afraid to Speak Her Mind

After getting what she deemed an unfair score during the Team Event, she let us all know what she thought about her score with her facial expression. The photo of her complaint has gone viral, which continues her reputation for being out-spoken and not your typical ice princess. 

2. She Skate to the Best Music

Her sultry short program is set to Pink Floyd and is a total crowd-pleaser. She skates with the music and is able to really convey her personality through her performance.

3. She is All About Redemption

AW Twitter.png
Because she got fourth place in Nationals, it was a shock to many when Ashley got picked for the Olympic Team. The powers that be picked her for her track record and season-long performance, but there are still doubts about her abilities. She has spent her time at the Olympics in an attempt to prove that she belongs there, as evidenced by her tweet after winning bronze in the Team Event. Who doesn't like a good redemption story?

4. She is a Supportive Teammate 

team usa.jpg
She has been at every figure skating event thus far to support her teammates on Team USA. She has a lot of international competition experience and has been sharing her expertise with all the newbies on the team.

5. She is a Phenomenal Skater

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Despite all the drama that surrounds her time in the Olympics, she is a fabulous skater with a lot of talent. While she currently sits in 6th place, and while there are other phenomenal skaters in the final tonight, she has an honest shot in the race for the podium. Even if she does not win a medal, she is still an asset to the sport and delight to watch.

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