Schedule Shuffle: 'Off the Map' Encore Tonight, 'Human Target' on Friday
Schedule Shuffle: 'Off the Map' Encore Tonight, 'Human Target' on Friday
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
TV fans were undoubtedly very confused last night. Due to coverage of the memorial service in Tucson, major networks had to do some quick rescheduling, bumping several shows. Cougar Town, Better With You, Human Target and Chase were all preempted while other shows saw delays or were cut off.

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The result is some quick rescheduling this morning. Cougar Town, Better With You and Chase are all simply getting pushed back one week, so there will be no change in their schedules.

FOX's two-hour Human Target, however, won't be so lucky. The episodes are being moved to this Friday, January 14 at 8pm, paving way for the two-hour American Idol premiere next Wednesday. Human Target returns to Wednesdays at 9pm following Idol starting January 26.

ABC is also doing some last minute shuffling to help its new medical drama Off the Map. The show premiered with 7.5 million viewers, a relatively weak start to a show the network put a lot of time into promoting. The low numbers may be due to the schedule confusion, so ABC is doubling down by repeating the show's premiere tonight following a new episodes of Grey's Anatomy. This should give it a big boost.

However, I'm not sure it deserves it. For those of us who actually watched the pilot, we saw a preposterous show about doctors in South America using coconut milk for a blood transfusion. It's essentially Gilligan's Island, so next week I fully expect to see a coconut heart monitor. The only saving grace is Zach Gilford, former star of Friday Night Lights, who is charming as a brash young doc who specializes in plastics. He's exactly what I imagine Grey's Anatomy's Mark Sloan was like as a younger man.

The Wednesday schedule should be back to normal next week.

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