'October Road' Spoilers to This Week's Episode
'October Road' Spoilers to This Week's Episode
Tonight on October Road, secrets, hidden wishes and the spelling bee take center stage in the episode “Spelling It Out.”  Nick (Bryan Greenberg) thinks that Aubrey (Odette Yustman) may be keeping something from him.  Janet (Rebecca Field) wants more from her relationship with Eddie (Geoff Stults).  Ray (Warren Christie) intends to adopt Sam (Slade Pearce) and Allen prays for his brother's defeat in the spelling contest.

Read on for spoilers to tonight's edition of October Road.

Secrets and truths come to the fore tonight on October Road, starting with Nick, who begins to suspect that Aubrey has a secret when she's overheard making a mysterious phone call.  Meanwhile, barmaid Janet is unsatisfied in her covert relationship with the gorgeous Eddie.  Their celibate arrangement thus far has left her wanting and yearning for physical consummation.  Physical Phil (Jay Paulson) senses Janet's unrest and admonishes the reluctant Eddie to get it on with her before she finally decides to exit their relationship.

Elsewhere, Hannah (Laura Prepon) becomes uncomfortable when Ray informs her that he'd like to adopt Sam.  There is good cause for her discomfort as this will undoubtedly raise the question of Sam's paternity.  When she meets with a lawyer to file Ray's adoption papers, she comes upon a hitch as the process requires that Sam's father must forego his parental rights.  Unfortunately, Hannah did not provide the father's identity on Sam's birth certificate.  Now, the only way Ray can go on with the adoption is if Gavin Goddard agrees to a paternity test and subsequently gives up his rights as father.

Finally, in additional spoilers to tonight's episode, Pizza Girl (Lindy Booth) delivers a pizza to Allen Korndorfer, the 14-year old brother of one of the Regional Spelling Bee contestants.  Allen confesses to Pizza Girl that he is sick of being overshadowed by his brilliant brother's skills and accomplishments and wishes for his downfall in the competition.  Elsewhere, Nick, Aubrey, Ronnie (guest Jonathan Murphy), Owen (Brad William Henke) and Dean (guest Penny Johnson Jerald) watch the spelling tournament semi-finals at the Commander's (Tom Berenger) residence as practically all of Knightsridge roots for Allen's sibling.

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