'Nurse Jackie' Season 4 Preview Guide: Jackie's Back
'Nurse Jackie' Season 4 Preview Guide: Jackie's Back
For those religious Nurse Jackie viewers who were fearful of Jackie's (Edie Falco) pill-popping and husband-cheating ways bubbling to the surface and ruining her life, you are most likely thanking God for last season. On season 3 of Nurse Jackie, the secrets were almost out and Jackie had just about given up trying to hide them.

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Her husband Kevin (Dominic Fumusa) was attempting confrontation and HR was breathing down her neck about a urine sample. Somebody was watching Jackie's back, however, as the season finale revealed that Kevin wasn't trying to confront her; he too had an affair. And in a glimmer of hope, Jackie's boss Gloria Akalitus (Anna Deavere Smith), somewhat aware of Jackie's problem, tossed her urine sample in the trash.

Nurse Jackie season 4 will be a revamped version of the show. With Kevin out of the picture for now, Jackie is free to mess around with her life as she pleases, although I'm not sure how she will do so. Her supplier and man-on-the-side Eddie (Paul Schulze) is not as whipped as he once was in the glory days of season 1 and therefore not as easy for her to use. Looks like Jackie will have to get creative this upcoming season.

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As for the supporting characters on the show, Nurse Jackie season 4 starts off with a different view on things. Gloria Akalitus was introduced as the bitter old enemy, but the nursing manager is proving herself to be pretty darn cool. Dr. Cooper (Peter Facinelli) is always teetering on the edge of being too dumb and annoying to even look at, but with his sad failed wedding at the end of season 3 I feel for the man, and am probably confusing that for actually liking his role.

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Everyone's favorite character, wannabe-Jackie-sidekick nurse Zoey (Meritt Weaver), better be hilariously confused as usual on Nurse Jackie season 4. If not, I don't see season 4 having that much appeal.

Catch the premiere of Nurse Jackie season 4 on Showtime in March 2012.

Alyssa Stein
Contributing Writer

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