'Nikita' Recap: Would Nikita Make a Good Mother?
'Nikita' Recap: Would Nikita Make a Good Mother?
Megan Cole
Megan Cole
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Last week, we were introduced to a new Division under Team Nikita, and saw Michael (Shane West) and Nikita (Maggie Q) get engaged. In tonight's fantastic character-driven episode, Team Nikita deals with a young girl held hostage and trained to kill. Can they stop her before she crosses that line?


Team Nikita's newest target is a former Division agent named Wade, who was too unhinged even for Percy's regime. Wade acquires an experimental explosive, and Team Nikita has a limited time-span to find the rogue agent before he can use said weapon. In an attempt to capture Wade, Michael and Nikita raid the man's home and find a young girl instead. They bring the girl back to Division and identify her as a kidnapping victim named Liza. Nikita decides to use her similarities to Liza to get her to open up about Wade's plan.

After some time, Nikita begins to get through to Liza, but Wade creates a distraction so Liza can escape Division. Wade then sends Liza out with the explosives to finish a mission one of Wade's former recruits failed to complete. Team Nikita manages to intervene, and Nikita stops Liza from using the bomb while Michael takes Wade down.

Alex's Past

Alex (Lyndsy Fonseca) goes to see Liza's parents in case they have information that could help Liza. This gives Alex an opportunity to see what it's like first-hand for a mother to have to grieve her child. Alex knows her own mother mourned her for years, and working with Liza's mother gives Alex some much needed closure. These scenes also give Fonseca a chance to showcase her impressive acting skills, which have taken a back seat to her fighting abilities, as of late.

One of the best moments in tonight's episode is when Alex and Nikita take Liza home to her parents. Nikita lets Alex be the one to ultimately reunite the family, and seeing that reunion must have been good for Alex, who was taken from her own family at such a young age. The Nikita writers sure know how to tug on your heartstrings, don't they? As do Fonseca and Maggie Q.

Mommy Nikita?

Nikita's work with Liza is interesting given the conversation she has with Alex earlier in the episode. Nikita says she has no intention of becoming a mother because she does not see herself as a mother figure. Alex, on the other hand, thinks Nikita can do anything she sets her mind to.

This episode proves that Nikita does have maternal instincts and she is very good with kids, something that was also seen in her previous interactions with Michael's son. That being said, Nikita's life is very dangerous and definitely not conducive to raising kids. So perhaps she will simply use her skills as both an agent and a compassionate caregiver to save other girls like Alex and Liza.

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