'Nikita' Recap: Power Shifts All Around
'Nikita' Recap: Power Shifts All Around
In tonight's episode, Nikita (Maggie Q) makes her way into Zetrov HQ to stop Ari and Amanda (Melinda Clarke) from getting control of the company and its vast resources.

She Choked?

Ari and Amanda are making their power-play on Zetrov by introducing tech that represents the future of clean energy. Amanda sends one of her Division agents to retrieve the tech, but Team Nikita is onto her plan. Nikita arrives to intercept the Division agent, but Amanda is already there and she kills said agent. Nikita and Amanda then get into a fight where Amanda shoots Nikita. However, when it comes time to deliver the kill-shot, Amanda hesitates and leaves Nikita alive. Ari and Michael (Shane West) are both confused as to why this happened.


Alex (Lyndsy Fonseca) decides to sell her shares of Zetrov to an old family friend so he can take control of the company in Ari's place. Unfortunately, Ari's plan to introduce the tech could ruin everything. Alex works with Team Nikita to sneak them into Zetrov HQ so they can take down Ari and Amanda before they gain control of Zetrov. Amanda and Ari organize a big meeting with the Zetrov people and Nikita uses the meeting as a distraction to get her hands on the tech Amanda has acquired. The Zetrov board is impressed with Ari's plan and agrees to make him CEO of the company if he can produce the tech he spoke about.

Unfortunately for Ari and Amanda, Nikita has already grabbed the tech, but she trips an alarm in the process and is confronted by Zetrov guards and Amanda. Luckily, Nikita escapes and takes the tech with her. When Ari fails to produce the tech, the Zetrov board members choose to fire him and elect Alex's friend as their new CEO. Alex is happy with the choice, as she never wanted to run her father's company. Ari and Amanda now have to go into hiding, with enemies coming after them from all sides.

Percy Goes Home

While Amanda is at Zetrov HQ, Sonya is left in charge of Division and Percy (Xander Berkeley) takes the opportunity to regain his position. He uses his new inside man to get into Division as a 'hostage' and then manages to convince his former employees to rally behind him. When Sonya is not convinced that Amanda is working with the enemy as Percy claims, Percy tells her to contact Birkhoff (Aaron Stanford) for proof. Sonya calls Birkhoff -- with the rest of Division's agents listening in -- and he confirms that Amanda is working with Gogol. The Division agents put Percy back in charge and he is now gunning for Amanda and Team Nikita.

This episode gave us a deeper look into Amanda's relationship with Nikita and it was interesting that they each chose to let the other live. Is a reconciliation in their future?

Megan Cole
Contributing Writer

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