'Nikita' Recap: Nikita, Meet Your New Nemesis
'Nikita' Recap: Nikita, Meet Your New Nemesis
Megan Cole
Megan Cole
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Last week, Nikita (Maggie Q) and Alex (Lyndsy Fonseca) had some interesting revelations about what and who they believe in. In tonight's episode, "Consequences," Team Nikita faces tough odds, as two fan favorites return to spice things up.

Owen is Back!

The episode begins with a Russian prison break -- Owen's, in fact. The rogue Division agent who frees him, Anne, wants a device only Owen knows the location of. Owen manages to escape her custody and get a message to Nikita. But when Nikita shows up with a Division team, Owen tries to run and Michael (Shane West) has to subdue him.

After convincing him to cooperate, Owen tells Team Nikita that the device Anne wants is a master key that can access any system in the world. Owen is the only living person who knows its location and he agrees to lead Team Nikita to the device.

Amanda is Also Back

Unfortunately for our team, Anne is having Owen tracked and she follows Team Nikita to the location of the master key. Anne escapes with the key, but not before Nikita gets a look at the person Anne is working for -- it's Amanda!

Amanda, played by the fabulous Melinda Clarke, sends Nikita a house-warming gift. That gift turns out to be a lethal gas that kills eight Division agents. Division's new mission is to trace Amanda's location and get some payback for the agents they lost in Amanda's attack.

Owen's Past

While they search for Amanda's location, Owen has flashbacks of the time he spent with Amanda back during the old Division days. Owen tells Nikita that the reason he has never spoken of his life before Division is because he cannot remember it. Owen realizes Amanda is responsible for his memory loss and Nikita vows to help Owen figure out what Amanda did to him.

Unbeknownst to Team Nikita, Amanda stole the master key as a diversion and her real target is Owen. Owen, as Amanda predicted, tags along with Nikita's people when they discover Amanda's location. When Owen confronts Amanda, she claims that everything she did was to "fix" him. She also mentions that his name used to be Sam and he once killed all of his friends. (It's a good story, but I would hesitate to take anything Amanda says at face-value.)

Sadly for Amanda, her people get pinned down during the fight with Division and Ari, still serving as Amanda's partner, injures Owen so they can escape. This is good for Owen, who decides to stick around Division for the time being. This is not so good for Amanda, who loses Owen and her original mission. But never fear, Amanda has a backup plan and it includes Nikita. With Percy gone, it looks like Amanda is season 3's Big Bad. And she might have a mole inside Division!

Alex is Headed for Disaster

Prior to all the Owen-Amanda shenanigans, Sean (Dillon Casey) is acting weird, and when Alex calls him on it, he again insists that they need to leave Division behind. Amanda's attack on Division only confirms Sean's fears and he wants out more than ever. Sean tells Alex he loves her, but if that is not enough to make her leave Division, he has no reason to stay. I really like these two together, but emotional blackmail is not cool. Also not cool? Alex popping pills, as she does at least twice during tonight's episode. Since Alex is a former drug addict, this cannot be a good sign.

Do you have any thoughts on this week's big returns, Alex's addiction or how season 3 of Nikita is progressing so far? If so, hit up the comments section and let us know.

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