'Nikita' Recap: Breakable Girls and Boys
'Nikita' Recap: Breakable Girls and Boys
On tonight's exciting mid-season premiere, Nikita (Maggie Q) and Alex (Lyndsy Fonseca) are finally back on the same team, while Michael (Shane West) and Owen (Devon Sawa) discover Percy's (Xander Berkeley) plan for the Guardians.

Tonight's episode manages to live up to the stellar first half of the season, as well as set up several storylines that should play out over the next few episodes.

Sleeping With the Enemy

Alex and her mother Katya (guest star Sarah Clarke) are reunited, both shocked to see that the other is alive. Alex only has a moment to talk to her mother before Semak arrives and she has to hide, but Alex has a perfect view of the seemingly close relationship her mother now has with Semak.

It turns out that Katya had been having an affair with Semak even before the attack on Alex's family, and Katya was spared because of that affair. When Alex learns of her mother's relationship with Semak, she is devastated to realize that her childhood memories of a happy family were all a lie.

Team Awesome Reunites

Nikita arrives at the Udinov estate to steal the black box from Ari Tasarov and she runs right into Alex. Alex tells Nikita that Katya is alive and Nikita offers to help Alex and her mother escape. The former partners come up with an exit plan, but Alex gets caught while trying to get her mother to safety. After several ambushes and several rescues, Alex and Nikita escape, but they have to leave Katya behind.

It is great to see Alex and Nikita working together again, as both women are at their best when they have each other to rely on. And I really liked that Nikita told Alex not to give up on her mother because Nikita has first-hand knowledge of just how much can change when you give someone a second chance.

Percy and the Librarian

Amanda (Melinda Clarke) is still holding Ryan (Noah Bean) hostage, trying to get him to agree to help her take down Oversight. To that end, Amanda leaves Ryan alone with Percy and tells Percy to give Ryan the information Ryan claims he needs to go after Oversight. Not much is revealed during their conversations, but Percy does confide in Ryan that he has a plan to get out of Division and elevate himself to a higher place.

One has to wonder why Percy would tell Ryan about his plan to leave Division behind. Does Percy want Ryan to come with him because he knows Ryan will be an asset or does Percy merely want someone to appreciate all the scheming he has done to get back into a position of power?

Nikita's Men of Action

Owen and Michael track down one of Percy's Guardians in Amsterdam and manage to get ahold of his black box. Michael uses the box to pose as the Guardian and infiltrate the Guardians' meeting. Michael soon learns that Roan (Rob Stewart) is running things in Percy's place and he and Owen figure out that the Guardians must have orders to break Percy out of Division.

Despite the fact that they do not get along, Michael and Owen work well together and their fight with the Guardian is pretty fantastic. Not to mention that it gives us some light-hearted moments and that great image of Michael and Owen limping away after the fight!

Tonight's episode gave us an excellent start to the second half of the season and it looks like the whole gang will be reunited for the next episode. But with enemies coming at them from all sides, how long can they stay together? I imagine their next step will be an attempt to take Percy down, but will they get some unlikely assistance from Sean (Dillon Casey) or maybe even Amanda?

Megan Cole
Contributing Writer

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