'Nikita' Comic-Con Panel: Adjustments are Key
'Nikita' Comic-Con Panel: Adjustments are Key
Who's Here?

Maggie Q (Nikita Mears)
Lyndsy Fonseca (Alex Udinov)
Shane West (Michael)
Melinda Clarke (Amanda)
Aaron Stanford (Seymour Birkhoff)
Craig Silverstein (Executive Producer)

The Nikita panel opens with a sizzle reel showing the season 2 highlights. Surprisingly, there is much cheering whenever Nikita and Michael are shown together and less than fully clothed. Next we're treated to some insight into season 3, which starts shooting in just a few days.

Nikita Season 3

There are lots of fun developments fans can look forward to in season 3, which premieres in October (spoiler alert):

- Devon Sawa is making the leap to regular cast member. He brings with him both a mystery and an agenda.

- Noah Bean is joining the cast as Ryan. He's now in charge of Division and trying to right past wrongs.

- The premiere will pick up soon after last season's finale and will focus on the first mission since Division's "new management."

- Amanda will come back with a bang, although she won't be seen in the season premiere.

- There will be a female Roan introduced sometime during season 3.

- Something will happen in the first episode that no one will see coming.

Cast Commentary

Not to be outdone by next season's spoilers, the cast had quite a bit to say about working on the show and about each other:

- Maggie loves the fans so much it hurts.

- When asked about torture scenes, Aaron's response was, "Hurt me, I can take it!"

- Maggie prefers affectionate scenes with Shane over Aaron because Shane smells manly while Aaron smells like baby powder.

- Shane's patented acting method is the, "Goatee of Intimidation."

The cast and the executive producer all expressed their immense gratitude to the fans for their support. From what was discussed, it sounds like a season of adjustment and compromise is on the horizon. Tune in starting in October to see how well Nikita and the rest of them deal with their new roles.

Crystal Waters
Contributing Writer

(Image courtesy of The CW)