'Ravenswood' Interview: 5 Revelations from Nicole Gale Anderson
'Ravenswood' Interview: 5 Revelations from Nicole Gale Anderson
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Ravenswood concludes its first season tonight but, according to Nicole Gale Anderson, who plays Miranda Collins and love interest of Tyler Blackburn's Caleb Rivers, don't expect the supernatural drama to wrap up everything in a neat little bow.  In a recent interview, she gives teasers about the season ender, reveals what she hates the most, as well as her expectations for season 2. 

Warning: This article may contain spoilers!

How Miranda Reacts to Hanna's Arrival in Ravenswood

In tonight's season finale entitled "My Haunted Heart," Caleb's ex-girlfriend Hanna shows up and demands Caleb tell her the truth about what has been happening in Ravenswood. "It definitely takes Caleb and Miranda off guard for sure," says Anderson. "But she's very respectful of what they've shared together, and she really likes Hanna.  I mean Hanna was so helpful and supportive of her journey to Ravenswood and having Caleb stay out there with her. So she definitely allows for them to talk things through, but she's definitely heartbroken for sure.

The Biggest Challenge in Playing  Miranda Collins

Though Anderson's least favorite thing about playing Miranda is not being able to change clothes, her biggest challenge is playing a ghost and not being able to touch anything.  "As an actor you want to fill the scene with movement -- like if you're walking through a kitchen you go into the cupboard and get a glass of water and you fill it up, and it keeps a realness to the scene and a realness to your character," Anderson explains. "But as a ghost I can't touch anything, I can't play with anything, and if I sit down on a couch it can't sink underneath me because ghosts can't transfer energy in that way.  So I think that for me is it's been a challenge for me being able to feel comfortable within a scene."

Nicole Gale Anderson Hates Spiders

Last week's episode "Along Came a Spider" not surprisingly featured a lot spiders-- something that Anderson is terrified of.  "I hate spiders," she reveals. "And I thought they were just going to tease you.  I went in and I had no idea that they were planning on having a huge tarantula on set.  But the wrangler was so awesome, and he was just taking them out and playing with them and scratching their heads. So that made me feel a lot better, and luckily I didn't have to have it on me; it was all on Tyler.  So, yes, I think being able to have that on set made it easier for me to naturally react to it, because I hate spiders.  So reacting in that scene was just easier."

Teasers for Tonight's Season Finale

Ever wondered what would happen to Miranda if the curse gets broken? "It's all discussed during this huge showdown between the kids of the pack and Abaddon in the season finale," Anderson reveals. "There's this huge battle between them, and there are a lot of questions that are answered as far as Miranda being able to come back to life or staying dead.  It's all brought to the surface during this whole battle."

As for a possible physical connection for Miranda, hope is not yet lost. "I think that the huge cliffhanger at the season finale will definitely leave that window of opportunity open for Miranda," she teases. "There's definitely a huge cliffhanger at the end of the season; it's literally the last scene of the episode where Miranda could have a ghost companion.  So you will see!"
Expectations for Season 2

Anderson hopes that her character  Miranda will connect with her uncle again. "Maybe he'll be able to start seeing her. And then maybe something like, I don't know, a ghost companion," she says.

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