'Newport Harbor' Star Drops by Swag Suites
'Newport Harbor' Star Drops by Swag Suites
There wasn't much star power at the first set of swag suites – venues for vendors to get their products in front of celebrities, who in turn get to take home the products for free – this year, what with the ongoing writers strike dampening usually glitzy and glamorous awards ceremonies and events, particularly the Golden Globes. However, the call of free assorted products and merchandise was still heard loud and clear by a number of personalities, although most were not necessarily of the A-list kind.

One of those personalities spotted at a swag suite was Chrissy Schwartz, star of MTV's reality series Newport Harbor.  The toothy teen was spotted with a couple of friends as they sported huge grins and carried tons of nicely-wrapped goodie bags in their arms.

Missing in all the swag-suite action was Schwartz's boyfriend, Clay Adler, who also stars in Newport Harbor.  The couple's whirlwind romance was followed closely on the show, with the two going through the usual bumps of high school and long-distance relationships.  At the end of the show's second season, the lovebirds were seen sharing a kiss under a mistletoe.

Meanwhile, the Newport Harbor star wasn't the only reality TV personality to hit the various swag suites.  The Hills' Lauren Conrad attended the gifting party at the Kari Feinstein Winter Style Lounge, making sure to get photographed with the free goods.

Although there weren't many high-profile celebrities at last month's swag suites, there was a still a handful who decided to join in on all the fun.  Taryn Manning (Hustle & Flow) was seen chatting up with hair expert Ted Gibson at the Silver Spoon suites at Voda Spa in West Hollywood, while Michael Madsen (Free Willy), Joan Collins (Dynasty) and Teri Hatcher (Desperate Housewives) dropped by the Secret Room event at the Metro Couture boutique in Brentwood.

Over at Kari Feinstein, television stars like Entourage's Emmanuelle Chriqui, Rex Lee and Jeremy Piven, Chuck's Zachary Levi and Joshua Gomez, Bones' David Boreanaz and 24's Elisha Cuthbert were on hand to grab some of the free items.

-Lisa Claustro, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

Source: Los Angeles Times, popsugar.com
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